When was Jeff Hardy's WWE contract going to end?

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9, 2021
Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9, 2021

On December 9, 2021, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that Jeff Hardy's contract with WWE has been terminated. It followed a recent incident at a WWE house show on December 4 where Hardy was acting unusually and bolted from his tag team match midway through the contest.

Jeff Hardy teamed up with Drew McIntyre and King Woods as they faced The Bloodline. The Charismatic Enigma appeared sluggish and tagged himself out of the match. Surprisingly, he headed over the barricade and exited through the crowd.

It was reported that Hardy was offered help and rehab by WWE, which he refused. Whatever occurred over the last few days, we hope the former WWE Champion takes care of himself moving forward.

Although he has now been released, when was Jeff Hardy's contract going to end?

Jeff Hardy revealed to BT Sport that he signed a new two-year contract in September 2020, due to expire in September 2022.

Hardy confirmed he included an important clause in his new contract, inking that his theme No More Words returns:

"No More Words, when we do get in front of a crowd again, that was a part of me re-signing. I’m like, ‘If we get in front of people again, I’d like to use No More Words again because I know y’all own it.' That was the deal for me re-signing. That’s gonna be the ticket when we get back in front of crowds. That’s going to boost me even more. To hear that music again… I think the Hardy Boyz music is just for Matt and Jeff Hardy, not just Jeff Hardy." (h/t TalkSPORT)

Has Jeff Hardy been released by WWE before?

Overall, Jeff Hardy has been released by WWE three times, including the latest release.

His first release came in 2003, when Hardy was dealing with personal demons, and, similar to this month's release, refused to attend rehab.

The second release came in the summer of 2009. WWE figured it into the storyline by having Hardy lose a Steel Cage match to CM Punk on SmackDown to end their World Heavyweight Championship feud. As per the stipulation of this match, Hardy was forced to leave WWE.

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