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Where are they now? 5 prominent WWE stars who left the company 

Anne Joseph
13 Feb 2019, 19:39 IST

The whereabouts of wrestlers who have left the company 
The whereabouts of wrestlers who have left the company 

WWE is a huge wrestling company, and they are quite unbeatable after they acquired WCW. But, it is not the only company around in the wrestling scene. WWE is a huge company, and there is no second say in that, but regardless of the size, it gets only a certain amount of television hours which leads to some stars not being utilized as per their capability.

For the past few years, we have seen an influx of talent enter and exit WWE. The reason for their exit can be numerous, but the one which is speculated widely is the introduction of WWE Network. The transition from traditional PPV to the network has decreased the pay of many superstars. Disagreement with the management can be another reason for their exits.

As there are many other ways to make money, these superstars have decided to move away from the company. We’re going to find out where they all are now as we look at five stars that have left WWE in the last few years and what they’re currently doing.

#5 Ryback

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The 'Feed me more' guy always stays in the news because he makes controversial remarks about various WWE stars.

After a very tumultuous professional relationship, WWE decided to release Ryback in August 2016. A few days later, he announced that he is open for independent booking. Ryback has had a fairly good independent career as he has won all his matches since August 2017. However, his stint has been plagued by shoulder injuries.

Although he hasn't made it clear whether he will join AEW or not, he is highly complimentary about the new company. In an interview with Josh Wilding of RingReport, he says

"Right now, my main priority is just getting healthy," he said. "I just had another shoulder scope yesterday which was my second one in two years. I've had ten stem cells procedures and I've got the eleventh coming up on Feb. 11. That, right now, is my main focus."
"I think it's great having competition with All Elite Wrestling. I'm very happy for everyone involved. I think it's good for professional wrestlers to have options and there's different promotions that are doing a lot better now because of the visibility social media provides so it is one of those things where you might not have to work for WWE to have a successful career or to make a good amount of money.

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