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Where is Dean Ambrose going after leaving WWE?

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What will Dean Ambrose do after leaving WWE?
What will Dean Ambrose do after leaving WWE?

After yesterday's episode of RAW after WrestleMania was over, fans had one question, and one question only, and it was to do with Dean Ambrose and WWE. Why is Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?

For a long time, people had doubted the intentions of the Lunatic Fringe in WWE. Even after WWE had made the announcement that Dean Ambrose would not be signing a new contract with WWE after his current one ran out, the fans had all wanted it to be nothing more than another storyline.

So when he did not make an appearance at WrestleMania 35 and was seemingly in no program, fans continued to look forward to interference from him in one of the matches. It did not take place.

Why is Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?

Dean Ambrose's contract was reported to last until the end of April. So when it was announced that Dean Ambrose would have his last match in WWE on the RAW after WrestleMania, fans were shocked.

What was worse, the match never even got underway, as he brawled with Bobby Lashley, and was then put through the announcer's table in front of his wife Renee Young, as the commentary team looked on at the devastating scene.

Where is Dean Ambrose going after leaving WWE?

After leaving WWE, Dean Ambrose has a variety of options open to him for the future.

Dean Ambrose could retire. While Ambrose is only 33, his body has suffered a lot over the years. As Jon Moxley, he took part in dangerous matches. Ambrose himself has talked about retiring before.

However, if he wants to continue to wrestle, the world of independent wrestling certainly does not have a lack of options for Dean Ambrose. Ring of Honor, NJPW, and Impact Wrestling would all be more than happy to sign him.


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All Elite Wrestling is another growing promotion, who would benefit from signing Dean Ambrose. However, Ambrose could simply want to kick back and not wrestle for a while.

Dean Ambrose could do any number of things after leaving WWE, but one thing is sure. Whatever Dean Ambrose attempts, he could very well be successful.

Is Renee Young leaving WWE with Dean Ambrose?

As of now, it does not appear that Renee Young is leaving WWE.

Renee Young, the wife of Dean Ambrose, was the first-ever woman to be added to the RAW commentary team on a permanent basis. She will likely remain with WWE even after Dean Ambrose leaves.

While fans continue to ask why Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE, we at Sportskeeda would like to wish Dean Ambrose success at whatever he tries his hand at next. There are few wrestlers as entertaining as the Lunatic Fringe.

Also read: Why is Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?


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