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Wrestlemania 33: Where is this year’s hype?

The WWE Universe is currently on the Road to Wrestlemania, but this year it is hard to see where that road is actually heading.

Feature 22 Feb 2017, 10:13 IST
Wrestlemania 33 is on the horizon, but where’s the hype?

The WWE Universe is currently on the Road To Wrestlemania, but this year it seems really hard to see where the road is actually heading.

Typically after the Royal Rumble, we not only know who the #1 contender will be, but we also have a sense of who will be carrying the belt into Wrestlemania. This year, we know that Randy Orton is the #1 contender and we recently found out that Bray Wyatt will be the champion going into Wrestlemania.

Orton recently joined the Wyatt family and is claiming he won’t wrestle Wyatt at Wrestlemania. Sure, there is a chance we could see Orton turn on Wyatt, but when? If that’s the plan, will they have enough time to turn and hype up the match?

Could the match turn into a triple threat adding Luke Harper into the mix? Maybe include John Cena or AJ Styles? As we stand right now, the main event is looking pretty weak.

We know that we are going to see Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg one more time, but is anyone really excited about this? Goldberg shocked the WWE Universe at Survivor Series beating Lesnar in 1 minute 26 seconds and then again eliminating him in the Royal Rumble.

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If Goldberg wins again at Wrestlemania, it will really tarnish Lesnar’s dominating persona and it actually seems really unlikely that Lesnar will win, with this potentially being Goldberg’s last match.

Factoring in Fastlane, Goldberg will be facing current WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.

How will this impact Wrestlemania? If Goldberg defeats Owens, he’ll be taking the Universal Championship into Wrestlemania, potentially escalating the Goldberg/Lesnar match to being the main event.

But again, does anyone really want to see that? Lesnar (with Paul Heyman speaking on his behalf) informed everyone that he believes Goldberg will beat Owens and be the Universal Champion going into Wrestlemania, which adds even more incentive for Lesnar to win and Goldberg to potentially lose at Wrestlemania.

Does this diminish the chance that Lesnar will interfere with the main event at Fastlane? And what about Jericho, he could interfere, which could lead up to an Owens/Jericho match at Wrestlemania, which wouldn’t be that bad but would that match be for the Universal Championship?

Since the brand split, the WWE has increased the number of championships between both brands to 10. This also includes the recently created WWE United Kingdom Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship.

If the WWE decides to include NXT in the Wrestlemania 33 plans, that could bring us up to 13 championships matches on the Wrestlemania card. Last year’s card had 8 matches as part of the main broadcast.

That also included the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and an International Championship Ladder Match, both of which we could see this year as they are a good way to include a lot of the WWE’s roster in Wrestlemania.

The Women’s division has its’ own champion within each brand. Does that mean that we’ll see two Women’s Championship matches at Wrestlemania?

The women’s division seems to have been on a downward spiral since the brand split. Do we even want to see two women’s championships matches? Will we also see Asuka from NXT at Wrestlemania?

What about Natalya versus Nikki Bella? When is that rivalry supposed to conclude? Seems like something we would see at Wrestlemania, but is there room on the card for it?

Outside the potential championship matches will there still be an Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal? What about other non-championship matches? What about the on again off again match between The Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal?

Will this be the first Wrestlemania in an aeon without The Undertaker? He didn’t win the Rumble and has no rivalry at the moment, would there be a point to a ‘Taker match? Triple H wants to be part of Wrestlemania but now that Seth Rollins is injured would there be a point to anyone else stepping in against Triple H?

And don’t forget, we will still need time for appearances by crowd favourites like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Hall Of Fame inductees, among other traditional Wrestlemania moments.

If the WWE decides to include these other matches and moments, does that mean that the other championship matches could get bumped to the pre-show or off the card completely? And if that happens, what does that say about the importance of the championships that got bumped?

After a lacklustre Royal Rumble to kick off the Road to Wrestlemania 33, the WWE has not done much to hype up their marquee annual event.

Sure we still have time and a lot can happen and change in the coming weeks, but as it stands right now, the Road to Wrestlemania seems to be leading the WWE Universe to Disappointment-Ville

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