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10 wrestlers who deserve to be "The Top Guy" in WWE?

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Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

In the world of professional wrestling, there is always one athlete who stands above the rest.

In the 1980s WWF, this man was, without question, Hulk Hogan. Even when Hogan wasn't the world champion the product seemed to revolve around him and his famous feuds. In that same time period, Ric Flair sat atop the mountain in NWA as its most recognizable and marketable star.

Fast forward to the "Attitude Era" and one finds Stone Cold Steve Austin occupying the role of 'the top guy.' In the PG Era, it was John Cena who carried the torch.

Now, however, it's a bit murky as to just who is the top guy in WWE. The most obvious answer might be the world champion, but what if that champion is a part-timer who wrestles only a dozen times per year? Is he still the man, or does someone else lay claim to that title?

Here are ten wrestlers who may be worthy of being the top guy in WWE, and analysis of whether or not that is, or will become, the truth.

#1 Seth Rollins


The Kingslayer and Crossfit Jesus has been at or near the top of the card for several years now. But does he have what it takes to be the top guy?

Why he might be the top guy: Rollins is one of the most technically sound performers in WWE, no doubt in part due to his days in Ring of Honor. He has a dedicated fanbase and is one of the rare athletes who can be 'sexy' to women but still respected by the male fans.

Why he might not fit the role: Rollins's promos are decent, but never rise to the level of great. Much of the time he comes across as a bit forced in interviews, and he has little mass market appeal, ie people outside of wrestling fandom are unlikely to have heard of him.

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