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Who Does it Better? Episode 1: The Shield

The Shield reunion 2018
Which Shield member does it better?
Modified 19 Sep 2018, 02:10 IST
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Fans have their own individual definitions about what makes a good professional wrestler. For some, ring work is the highest priority, while for other fans, the wrestler's ability to be an entertaining talker matters more. For some fans, the wrestler's appearance matters a lot, while for others, it matters less than a charismatic personality or the ability to be an elastic performer capable of meeting all of those needs.

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In this series, we'll compare and contrast WWE's superstars in all of those categories to come to a conclusion about who exceeds who. You're invited to make your own comments.

We'll start with the three members of The Shield. The Shield's reunion after SummerSlam got a lot of people buzzing - in both positive and negative ways. The three members of the Shield have arguably been WWE's most important full-time roster members of the past decade, as they've spearheaded the next generation of performers and have always been present in major storylines ever since their debut at Survivor Series 2012.

Which one of them is the best professional wrestler, though?

Round 1: Ring Ability

All three members of the Shield are good professional wrestlers. Each of them can be trusted to go in the ring, but when looking back at their overall body of work, one name stands above the other two, and this year has made it more obvious.


Seth Rollins has always been regarded as the best ring worker of the three, and this year, his body of work stands peaks apart from his peers, in all fairness to Dean Ambrose being out for most of it.

This category is a race for second place. In this, the distinction gets harder. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have both had their share of stinkers. They've also had their share of very good matches. However, Roman Reigns' recent body of work has been poor, while Ambrose had a very good run in the tag team division last year and has been off to a great start since his return. He's also far less prone to spamming signatures and finishers.


1st: Seth Rollins (+3 points)

2nd: Dean Ambrose (+2 points)

3rd: Roman Reigns (+1 point)

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Published 19 Sep 2018, 02:10 IST
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