Who sang Randy Orton's theme song?

Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37
Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37

A Superstar's theme song is one of the most important aspects of his wrestling character. It provides a new layer to their personality, which helps them in getting over with the WWE Universe.

When it comes to choosing good entrance music, Randy Orton seems to be lucky. In his two-decade-long career, The Viper has used some of the best wrestling theme songs of all time.

His current theme song, 'Voices,' is regarded as a musical masterpiece among the wrestling community. It seems like a perfect fit for his unpredictable gimmick.

Who sang Randy Orton's current theme song?

The Viper
The Viper

After his exit from Evolution in August 2004, Randy Orton debuted a brand new theme song called 'Burn In My Light' by Mercy Drive. In an old interview, The Viper expressed his displeasure with his first post-Evolution entrance music.

He said that he did not like 'Burn In My Light' at all. He also requested WWE management give him a new theme in its place. The Viper used this theme for the next four years before eventually replacing it with Voices. Orton also briefly used 'This Fire Burns' by Killswitch Engage in 2006.

Randy Orton found it to be a great song and a perfect fit for his character. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon didn't feel the same way and denied Orton from using this theme again. Hence, Orton went back to using his previous theme again. 'This Fire Burns' was later given to CM Punk.

In 2008, Vince McMahon finally fulfilled Orton's wish to have a new theme for his entrance. Randy Orton debuted his 'Voices' theme in 2008. It proved to be his best wrestling theme song so far. The WWE Universe fell in love with this theme, as it perfectly reflected Randy Orton's unhinged character.


The song's lyrics presented Orton as a soulless creature who doesn't hesitate from destroying his opponents.

People often ask about the creator of this masterpiece. Well, this song was created by a collaboration between famous American Rock band Rev Theory and renowned WWE music composer, Jim Johnston. Richard Luzzi, the band's lead singer, provided the vocals for this iconic theme.

Both Jim Johnston and Rich Luzzi had to work a lot to make this song a perfect fit for the Viper's demented persona. According to Bleacher Report, Rich traveled with the 14-time World Champion for over a week so that he could get ideas for the theme.

In an interview, Jim Johnston also revealed the group's thought process while creating the song. They wanted to capture the essence of Randy Orton and his unpredictable nature. They certainly did a great job in doing so.


It's worth noting that WWE has used several of Rev Theory's tracks in the past. Their 'Light it Up' song was the official theme of WrestleMania 24. The company also used their 'Hell Yeah' track in 2008 for the One Night Stand pay-per-view.


The band also collectively made a special appearance at WrestleMania 30 where they did a live performance of Randy Orton's Voices theme.

Randy Orton is currently part of an entertaining alliance with Riddle on WWE RAW

Randy Orton has been on a roll lately. His new tag team with Riddle has proven to be one of the best things about WWE RAW in recent weeks.

On the latest episode of WWE's flagship show, Orton and Riddle had a highly competitive match against former multi-time tag team champions, The New Day.

Surprisingly, Team RK-Bro picked up the victory. The win over The New Day has enhanced Orton and Riddle's chances of competing for the RAW Tag Team titles in the near future.

Would you like to see Team RK-Bro as RAW Tag Team Champions? Sound off in the comments below.

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