Who is Santino Marella's daughter, Arianna Grace?

Santino Marella
Santino Marella's daughter is in WWE!

Santino Marella was an integral part of WWE's roster a few years ago. His comedic acts entertained the fans and his work in the ring also made him an Intercontinental Champion.

For those unaware, he's one of the former superstars who have encouraged their children to join Titanland. We've got all the information you need to know about his daughter.

Who is Santino Marella's daughter, Arianna Grace?

Arianna Grace is a promising upcoming star in the business, to say the least. In February 2022, she was officially signed by WWE and has been training at the Performance Center ever since.

Although her real name is Bianca Carelli, she goes by the name Arianna Grace in the company. After getting the ring name in April, she also published an Instagram post describing her happiness about being able to do what she has always wanted to do:

"I understand and not everybody gets to do a job that they love but sometimes those are the circumstances that we have to deal with. However, if that is the case you should always make sure that you are doing something that you DO love regularly. If that can’t be your job then maybe it’s a hobby, but whatever it is make sure you take time to do something that feeds your soul, feeds your spirit and keeps you excited for every single day of your life. Each day is a blessing, which we can take for granted. Appreciating every moment you have, every day of life you get to enjoy, makes life all the sweeter. Sending you all love and positivity," stated Arianna Grace.

Grace's official debut took place on an episode of NXT Level Up back in May. She defeated Amari Miller to gain her first victory in WWE. Although her father presented a comedic Italian gimmick on television, both Arianna and Santino Marella are proud Canadian citizens.

We hope that the upcoming WWE Superstar shines on future episodes of NXT 2.0.

What does Santino Marella have to say about Arianna Grace's WWE name?

Before debuting in WWE, Arianna publicly went by her real name. However, like most current superstars, the promotion gave her a brand new ring name.

Santino Marella appeared on the Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda and gave his thoughts on his daughter getting a new name. He doesn't understand why she isn't allowed to use Marella in her name:

“I wish someone could explain the logic behind it,” Marella said. “It’s fine, if my daughter was ‘Arianna Marella,’ I don’t see a problem with that. They started that at first with Curtis Axel, Mr. Perfect’s son, but everybody knew who he was. I think there’s some equity in being the second generation."

Despite his confusion, Santino Marella understood the importance of a wrestler not getting caught in the shadow of their lineage:

"But it’s great for her too because when you’re a second or third-generation wrestler, it’s really important for them to know that they’ve earned this and they’re not just getting a free pass because of who their parents are.” (H/T WrestlingInc)

What are your thoughts on WWE Superstars' children not being allowed to use their parents' last names? Let us know in the comments section below.

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