Who suggested Lesnar do the shooting star press?, WWE's advice to upcoming wrestlers

Lesnar was a guest on Austin’s podcast

- One of the things that came out of Lesnar’s appearance on Austin’s podcast for WWE Network this past Monday, was his feeling about the whole botched shooting star press spot from Wrestlemania 19.

In what was an astonishing sight, Lesnar scaled the top rope at the end of his match with Kurt Angle and attempted a shooting star press. The lack of a full rotation, coupled with Angle being too far from the corner of the ring led to Lesnar land squarely on his head. It was a miracle that he wasn’t seriously injured and the sight of a near 300 pound Lesnar flailing through the air is a sight no wrestling fan will be able to forget anytime soon.

However, when talking about the incident on the podcast, Lesnar was not willing to name the backstage official who pushed the unusual idea of Lesnar doing the shooting-star press to have a ‘Wrestlemania moment’. But, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was John Laurinaitis who came up with the spot for Lesnar. Following the podcast, there were people who speculated on Jim Ross who suggested the spot.

Lesnar admitted on the podcast being uncomfortable with the idea, but went with it anyway.

- The long-held belief backstage that WWE looked down on the ‘Indie’ wrestlers may have changed with reports saying that the WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Ceman encourages wrestlers who seek a second tryout with the WWE, to go make it as an indie star first.

Ceman is of the belief that the chance to get into the WWE after a failed first tryout is very low. This is a huge departure from the time when the notion was that the indie stars don’t translate well into the WWE. Instead, they were always of the belief that athletes from other sports can be trained better, right from scratch.

A lot of the change in the mindset can be attributed to the success of former Indie stars such as Seth Rollins, C M Punk, Daniel Bryan and others in the WWE.


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