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Why a heel Dean Ambrose will become very successful in WWE

Gauhar Ashraf
3.34K   //    19 Dec 2018, 12:08 IST

Heel Ambrose is
Heel Ambrose is "Best for Business"

Dean Ambrose is the most hated heel on WWE Raw right now. He is currently WWE Intercontinental champion, and has been successful in garnering heel heat from the crowd ever since turning on Seth Rollins.

After the Shield disbanded in 2014, he was given the role of babyface by the company officials. During his run as a babyface, he became WWE Grand Slam Champion, but was never believed to be a main event calibre superstar.

In 2017 Ambrose injured his arm, and had to go through a surgery that took him out of action for 8 months, giving him rest to heal his injury, as well as a pause to refresh his character.

Recently, Ambrose returned from his injury in August 2018, and shocked the world with his much better muscular physique, and reunited with his Shield brothers.

But their reunion was short-lived as Roman Reigns revealed his illness, and Ambrose turned heel on the night of Reigns' revelation. His turn on Rollins shocked everyone, as it happened on one of the most emotional nights in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Since then, Ambrose has been successful in generating heel heat, as he gets booed every time he shows up, meaning he is doing his job more correctly than other heel wrestlers of the company.

WWE is currently facing a problem with their heel talents, as they get cheered by the crowd when they beat a babyface, but Dean Ambrose is the only exception in the company who gets booed, and that is the kind of response heels are supposed to get from the audience.

Any Dean Ambrose fan who has been watching him since the start of his career knows how good he can actually be as a heel. His heel work on the independent scene and WWE's developmental company (FCW) is worth watching.

Some people even say that his "Jon Moxley" character in FCW was way better than his current character in WWE. He plays the role of the heel so good that one can even bet that he might be a bad guy in real life as well.


It has been only about 2 months since Dean Ambrose turned heel, and he already has won the Intercontinental Championship as a heel. Some people believe that WWE has failed to utilise the heat Ambrose has generated. But it is too early to say so as it has been only 2 months since he turned heel.

In 2019, WWE could use Dean Ambrose as their trump card to get over their babyface wrestlers with the fans. As Ambrose's heel turn has just begun, it would be interesting to see how WWE uses him in 2019, perhaps bringing out the much anticipated Jon Moxley persona out of him.

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