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Why Big Cass's injury could be a blessing in disguise

Anthony Mango
10.93K   //    22 Aug 2017, 13:02 IST

Big Cass
This is not how WWE planned to have Big Cass follow-up his win at SummerSlam, that's for sure.

It's never a good thing for a WWE Superstar to be injured, as it takes time off their careers, prevents fans from being able to see them perform, sets back storylines for weeks or months and, obviously, forces the wrestler to undergo painful surgeries and rehab.

However, sometimes, when we look back on how history plays itself out, these injuries can end up being the best thing for that particular person and other people.

It's called a blessing in disguise because when it first happens, it's nothing but a tragedy and there seems to be nothing positive about the situation. Everybody loses, nobody wins.

In the interest of trying to keep things optimistic, there are some ways to look at this situation with Big Cass and his current injury and look on the bright side of things for how the future might be better off with this having happened.

This injury will allow Cass to avoid the damages brought about from a failing feud, as we've seen in the past how one or both parties involved in a program can be punished if they fail to deliver.

Enzo vs. Cass should have been a much more important, hotter feud than what it turned out to be, so since that was more of a failure than a success, who do you think WWE is going to take the frustration out on?

Themselves? Absolutely not. It will be Enzo and/or Cass.

With Cass not being there, Enzo will take the brunt of the punishment, since there's no way to punish someone who is off television. Cass can't be booked into a losing streak if he can't wrestle, for instance, which seems to be happening to Rusev and Baron Corbin.

Big Cass injury
Enzo Amore doesn't have good luck when it comes to ropes, does he?

Instead, Cass will be able to dodge being in the line of fire and work on ideas and ways to boost his stock when the time is right for him to be back in the swing of things.

The last thing WWE should do is wait however much time he'll be absent and then have him return to pick up where he left off by cutting the same promos about how he's sick of Enzo. That storyline can't happen anymore.

Whether this Brooklyn Street Fight was supposed to be the end of his feud with Enzo Amore or not, now is the time to distance Enzo and Cass from each other.

Those two have been together for the entirety of their careers and the feud has lost its lustre, as evidenced by the smaller reaction they got at SummerSlam despite being in an area that should give them the hottest response imaginable.

If Cass is out several weeks or several months, it's still going to be long enough that by the point he returns, Enzo will have moved on — either in new feuds or possibly even released from the company if his current trajectory doesn't change.

Big Cass injury
Big Cass needs to cut a promo about how he was injured from carrying Enzo on his back all these years.

The further distance Big Cass has from Enzo Amore, the more he can reinvent himself, which is hard to do when you're on television every week, so the time off will allow fans to forget about some of his mannerisms and usher in a better ability to try out some new gimmicks.

We've already seen Cass's theme song have to change after WWE chose a horrific one at first, so this gives them time to think of something much better as a replacement.

Since there's been no change in-ring attire, hair, facial hair or in-ring style since his heel turn, all of those things can be tweaked as well, making him come off much more rejuvenated and revitalized when he returns.

Chris Jericho likes to keep things fresh by changing things up everytime he comes back, so there's nothing stopping Big Cass from doing the same thing outside of a lack of creativity. If Darren Young can change his gimmick from time to time, so can Big Cass.

Yes, it's a shame that Cass is injured, and we should all hope that it isn't serious and that he'll be back as soon as possible at the same shape or better than what he currently is.

However, this isn't an instance where he's going to miss out on having the first-ever Universal Championship reign or something. He was on the fast track to being forgotten about and losing favour backstage, which this injury will allow him to avoid.

When he comes back, he'll come back stronger and far more ready to start the next level of his career.

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