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Why Braun Strowman should have been world champion by now

Sean Anderman
685   //    22 Feb 2018, 22:00 IST

Put the title on Braun Strowman already!

If you've missed RAW for the last year or so, then you've been missing Braun Strowman destroying everything in his path every week. Without a doubt, he has been the most exciting thing on RAW and the reason to keep coming back.

It could be flipping Ambulances or production trucks and even throwing security guards around; he makes it look exciting every single time. He's had chances in the past to win the belt, but WWE for some reason won't pull the trigger on it.

Well, that could be because WWE wants Roman Reigns to win the belt from Brock Lesnar instead of anyone else. It's a shame because Strowman is so good at what he does.

His match against Lesnar at No Mercy last year was good even if it ended by one F5. So, Strowman survived Roman crashing an ambulance with him in it, but an F5 beats him. I'm all for making a finisher look stronger instead of everyone kicking out of it, but the above example just explains the ridiculousness of the whole situation at hand.

Since he's been a mainstay on RAW for quite a long time now, let's focus only on the Universal Title. Strowman on multiple occasions has destroyed Lesnar, slamming him through the table and then crushing him under the table. But somehow he always fails to overcome the Beast Incarnate.

Unlike Lesnar, Strowman is actually on TV every week. We the fans deserve to see an active world champion every week and not part-timers. If Brock was on TV every week, I wouldn't be complaining, but he's only on TV once a month, or maybe two times.

Strowman has also gotten better in the ring. We all thought he was just another big guy when he was in the Wyatt family. But watch any of his matches with Roman Reigns, John Cena or any of his main event PPV matches; he knows how to wrestle now! In the record-breaking Gauntlet match on RAW this past week, Strowman looked amazing even if he came out last.

He is the most exciting thing to watch on RAW every week and deserves to be world champion.

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