Why does Charlie Dempsey not use the 'Regal' surname? Real reason why William Regal's son does not use his surname explained

Charlie Dempsey does not use the
Charlie Dempsey is an up-an-coming talent in WWE NXT

Charlie Dempsey is the son of WWE legend William Regal, but does not use the 'Regal' surname. WWE fans have been trying to figure out the reason for this for a while now. If you are in that camp, we have got you covered, so read on to find out.

Dempsey, whose real name is Bailey Matthews, was given the in-ring name by WWE to everyone's surprise. NXT fans expected him to carry on the Regal name and do his family proud. While he has been quite good in the ring, there is a reason for him running a different name.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE made sure Charlie Dempsey didn't use his actual name at William Regal's request. The latter reportedly didn't want to put any of the extra pressure that came with the weight of the name on his son.


Moreover, during his early days as a WWE Superstar, Dempsey's connections to the WWE legend were kept a secret. This was in keeping with allowing him to do his own thing and not be burdened by the expectations that come with being associated with his father.

William Regal and Triple H set to help Charlie Dempsey


Charlie Dempsey is an up-and-coming talent who has impressed everyone in his time in the spotlight. He is in good hands, what with WWE backing him and his father William Regal coaching him.

Regal's good friend Triple H is currently WWE's Head of Creative. As such, he could play a part in pushing him and helping him get better. That's certainly what former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree thinks. Speaking about the product, he suggested that everyone will make sure Dempsey has all the tools required to succeed.

"What does Regal's son look like? Is he tall good-looking kid (sic)? Yeah, that's gonna be the top English spot... If there's gonna be a top English worker given a top spot, it will be Regal's kid in my opinion... Especially being Regal's kid." [H/T Wrestling World]

NXT is where the youngster is honing his skills at this moment in time. If he can keep up his good work and put in some bangers, a main roster call-up won't be far away. That would be the start of his dream, wherein he can compete with the best and win championships and other accolades.

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