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4 Reasons Why Charlotte Flair Belongs in the Wrestlemania Main Event and 1 Reason She Doesn't

14 Feb 2019, 00:18 IST

If you're going to do it, might as well do it with a bit of flair
If you're going to do it, might as well do it with a bit of flair

Met with undeniable furore, Charlotte Flair's supplantation of Becky Lynch in the Women's championship Wrestlemania main event is a clear-cut sign WWE and Vince McMahon still got it. From time to time, the company knows just the right story to play. While a rehashed animosity between underdog star and management isn't how fans or detractors wanted it, the story's prominence means destiny calls for the main event.

Fans throwing bile and threats WWE's way should obviously relax, as that said main event is Becky Lynch's destiny. Whether one can't see it as of now, it's a truth highlighted by fans reactions from during the closing segment of RAW to the history-making number of dislikes on Youtube. Yet that destiny also beckons for Charlotte Flair.

Becky Lynch fans (yours truly included) may not want to hear it, but Charlotte Flair deserves the main event as much as her. Despite the whole shove them in your face policy with their top faces, WWE's backing of Charlotte last year as the top face didn't bother a whole contingent. Yet here we are and rightly so better for it, with a prime 'Queen Bee' heel in Charlotte as the perfect spice to light up what will inevitably become a triple threat despite Lynch's current suspension.

As such if WWE fans are too blindly raging to see it, here are four powerful reasons why the Queen deserves the Wrestlemania main event. But as a bonus to balance the argument on both sides, here's one reason Charlotte Flair doesn't belong in the main event.

Why Charlotte Flair isn't needed in the Wrestlemania Main Event


The interconnected nature of the past years' storylines is what has effectively made the women's division shine above all else in the WWE. Yet despite the very nature of bleeding feuds from one to another being great, competitive wrestling thrives when it's all about one versus one.

While Survivor Series built that premise on the basis of brand supremacy, the contest between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey elevated itself to a whole new level. There was a frenzy then as there is now, of two women of grand pedigree, altering paths and sharing an unbelievable year of highs. It made an unlikely match a year ago, the most anticipated contest and a surefire main event regardless of the presence of a certain Brock Lesnar.

One errant punch took all that away, yet also left the door open for the contest to get an even bigger and better stage at Wrestlemania. The hallowed PPV might have turned into a seven-hour free for all fit everyone on the card type of deal. Yet the grandest stage has always and should always be about the best bouts and best feuds between the two best.

None other than Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey exemplify this in the past year. None other than these two women have such a feud, where they've barely touched beyond a brazen takeover of RAW can create such a spectacular moment. Rarely if ever in Wrestlemania history have we seen three competitors go eye to eye to create that iconic moment.

That face-off delivers electricity and if past interactions are any indication, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey (who truly works better when challenged by the fans) don't need a third wheel for a date with destiny.

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