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Opinion: Why Charlotte Flair was the right Woman to break Asuka's undefeated streak 

831   //    16 Apr 2018, 11:02 IST

This is why it was fair for the WWE to have Charlotte Flair end Asuka's streak
This is why it was fair for the WWE to have Charlotte Flair end Asuka's streak

This past Sunday at WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair ended Asika's 914-day undefeated streak, and there really was no other women on the roster more worthy of ending the streak at this point than Charlotte. 

If you take a look at Charlotte's accomplishments, she will undoubtedly amaze you with what she has done in a short time period. She is already a one-time Divas Champion, a one-time NXT Women's Champion, a four-time RAW Women's Champion, and a one-time Smackdown Live Women's Champion, losing the belt this past Tuesday after Carmella cashed in her Money in the Bank contract. No other women on the WWE roster come close to that at the moment.

Also, no other woman on the roster was built up well enough to even pose a threat to Asuka, forget ending the streak. Let's look at the other "Four Horsewomen" first, Becky Lynch has been booked poorly ever since losing the Smackdown Women's Championship, and barely appears on television anymore. That, in fact, is sad because she is arguably one of the most likeable female wrestlers on the WWE roster.

Bayley and Sasha Banks have lost a lot of momentum in the past year, and while their feud at the moment is interesting, it might be a year too late. Naomi falls in the same boat as Bayley and Sasha Banks and has lost some momentum since last year. Natalya is an older talent and defeating the streak wouldn't have done her much good.

Carmella could have cashed in on Asuka, but the way she has been booked, I don't think many people would take her seriously. Ember Moon could have also been a nice choice, especially given her and Asuka's history in NXT, but WWE would have had to build her up over months before a match between the two could have happened.

The hot rumor going into WrestleMania 34 was that Asuka would win the title and remain undefeated, leading to a match between her and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 next year. The problems with that if it would have happened are quite unavoidable. There would have been no point of having any Women's title match for SmackDown, since everyone would know that Asuka isn't losing the belt until April 2019 at the earliest.

The other issue is many fans would turn on Rousey and say " She isn't even a wrestler, she doesn't deserve it." or "They wasted Asuka's streak for Ronda Rousey of all people." 

Finally, Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair, which gives her credibility and brings some mainstream eyes to the product. You can see her going on television shows like Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and so on to discuss WWE and in this case, defeating Asuka at WWE's biggest show of the year.

While WWE ratings have been solid for the most part, fans know that WWE loves getting all the mainstream publicity that it can. Can you honestly see any other woman on the WWE roster getting as much attention as Charlotte?


When you combine all of these factors and take a look at Charlotte Flair's accolades in the WWE, there really was no better choice to break Asuka's streak at WrestleMania 34 than her. 

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