Why did Eve Torres leave WWE?

Eve is sorely missed by many
Eve's success story is one that should be re-told over and over again

Throughout the course of her tenure with WWE, Eve Torres went from being just another piece of eye candy for fans to becoming one of the most well-rounded female performers in recent memory.

It’s a transition that very few members of the WWE Universe will remember because the company has conditioned us to believe that the ‘Women’s Revolution’ began with the call-ups of Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

While they may have been instrumental in taking the diva’s division into an entirely different direction, it was the likes of Natalya, Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee and especially Eve who managed to get women within the company looked at in a whole new light.

Of course, as we alluded to, things didn't start off that way with Torres’ 2007 Divas Search victory not meaning all too much in the grand scheme of her start to life in the business. Despite possessing an incredible look and bucket loads of charisma, she was utilised as nothing more than an interviewer in her early days.

But that didn’t last for long, and within a few years, she'd broken through that glass ceiling and before we knew it she was a three-time Divas Champion. Sure, the title didn’t mean that much back then, but her third reign in particular really highlighted why she was a key asset for the WWE.

Eve's executive role did wonders for her career trajectory
Eve's executive role did wonders for her career trajectory

She combined her in-ring abilities with her backstage promos brilliantly, mastering the ‘b**chy assistant’ role to a tee. In many ways, it’s a shame that we didn’t see the evolution of her character because, in all likelihood, she would’ve gone on to become even more prominent and even more impressive than Stephanie McMahon (strictly from a kayfabe standpoint).

As we all know, though, real life tends to get in the way for a lot of these superstars and it seems as if that’s exactly what happened for Eve. During a ‘where are they now?” type of interview with, Torres revealed that a few months prior to leaving she began to start planning her exit from the world of professional wrestling.

There were several reasons behind her decision, with one of the main ones being that she was starting a brand new life with her fiancé Rener Gracie. Together, they bought a house and also got engaged – which left Eve with a decision to make.

She claimed that all of the travelling required in order to be a top level WWE Diva wouldn’t allow her to start the life she wanted with her soon-to-be husband, and as a result, she walked out of the door in early 2013.

Away from the ring Eve has been empowering women through mixed martial arts for quite some time now, and yet despite all of the great work she’s done, many will continue to ask the question – when is she going to return?

She’s made a few appearances in a non-wrestling capacity but given that she’s only 33, there’s a chance that a brief WrestleMania run could be on the cards within the next few years.

Eve now lives the life of a happily married wife and mother
Eve now lives life as a happily married wife and mother

It's not often that departing stars can claim that they left Vince McMahon’s house of fun on good terms because let’s be honest, that’s just not how things have worked over the last few decades. Still, Eve Torres managed it and along the way she also managed to earn the respect of both the higher-ups behind the scenes as well as fans around the globe.

Leaving because you want to start a family is a perfectly valid reason to walk away and it’s something that some women backstage can’t bring themselves to do, but four years on, Eve and Rener are flourishing in life with their baby boy also coming along for the ride.

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