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Why do WWE Wrestlers like Finn Balor and Cesaro wear the Kinesio shoulder tape?

An explanation of the shoulder taping that Cesaro and Finn Balor frequently use.

Cesaro has been constantly using Kinesio tape since his return this year.

This year, on the Raw after Wrestlemania, Cesaro returned from a shoulder injury that kept him off the shelf for about 4-5 months. Ever since  he has been using Kinesio tape to cover his shoulders. Even during his Best Of Seven series with Sheamus, they did a back injury angle, and Cesaro even taped up his back. 

To give a little bit of background, this is what Kinesio tape is:
Kinesio Taping gives support and stability to the joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It is supposed to be stretchier than normal white tape, relieve pain, and help get the blood flowing.
Cesaro uses a brand of Kinesio tape named “ RockTape” . In an interview with RockTape, Cesaro explained about his usage of it:

“My buddy (Finn Balor) told me he uses Kinesio tape for his knee and I should try it on my shoulder. Also the trainers at the WWE Performance Center, which is the training center for aspiring WWE Superstars, where I did my rehab would use it to get swelling down.

So I tried it one day and loved it.

I tried a few different brands but liked RockTape the most because of the support and that it doesn’t come off when I sweat and do the things I do in the ring.

I use it to support my shoulder. I had rotator cuff surgery last November and it helps my posture and puts my shoulder in the right place. It also gives me that added stability. It’s there and helps even when I don’t think about it. Thanks to that added stability I don’t have to worry about anything. I’ve also used it on my upper back before as well and it helped relieve tension.”

Since his return, the Kinesio tape has almost been a symbol of a weakness point for Cesaro where an opponent hits and he sells more. In the beginning upon his return, there is no doubt that he used it for natural healing of his shoulder, but now it is definitely used for selling. Finn Balor too on an NXT house show five months ago used an extensive amount of Kinesio, perhaps to work through a shoulder injury.  It is very likely upon his return he will use the Kinesio. Here is a picture from five months ago:

Austin Aries become the latest entrant to the list of stars who sport the tape. 

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