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Why is Kenny Omega the PERFECT modern WWE superstar?

Kenny Omega represents all of the best things about WWE's best possible future.

The Terminator will make WWE’s day.

Until he dressed like “The Terminator,” and metaphorically told Kazuchika Okada to “make [his] day” in the midst of having a six-star match in the main event of New Japan’s recent Wrestle Kingdom XI card, it’s entirely possible that the idea of Kenny Omega ever appearing in a WWE ring was highly unlikely.

However, in Kenny Omega, as well as WWE, turning up their desire to take professional wrestling to a next level of intrigue and style in connectivity and presentation, the 2016 G1 Climax tournament winner could actually be just the star WWE is looking for in order to show themselves ready to conquer the industry in the 21st century.

In Omega representing everything that we, as fans, love about the past, present, and future of wrestling in one performer, it’s ideally him – and not say, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, or even Seth Rollins – who is the perfect modern era “ACE” of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Moreover, if we were to say, see him debut at the Royal Rumble, he’d be arriving at the perfect time.

Foremost, it must be noted regarding Kenny Omega in WWE that, even though there’s probably not an officially signed contract anywhere, it’s happening. Last year, John Cena took to Instagram to put over AJ Styles in much the same way he’s putting over Kenny Omega at-present.

Thus, the idea that Cena’s a) marginally aware of who Omega is, and b) probably getting geared up to take the “One-Winged Angel” in a “five-star match” is apparent.

Furthermore, WWE can look at Omega and see a performer who is a) similar to AJ Styles, and b) is six years younger and leagues better as a promo for the purposes of WWE’s on-screen presentation.

For as much as the precedent set by Kevin Owens was improved upon, crowd response-wise, by Styles, the potential is there to combine Owens’ devil-may-care attitude with Styles’ absurd athleticism into one super indy-Japanese hybrid modern pro wrestling supernova in Kenny Omega.

Omega is *just* the person WWE needs to put butts in seats and lead the company into a future where pro wrestling makes all of the money yet again.

Just like RVD in 1997, Kenny Omega could appear “wherever he wants...”

There’s also the idea that Kenny Omega is wrestling’s first “post-modern” superstar and can be presented as a total outsider by WWE.

The idea of Omega being as over in real life as he is on the internet allows him to be the first superstar you could see since Rob Van Dam in 1997 who could appear on multiple products at the same time.

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Unlike RVD being in ECW and WWE simultaneously, the idea of Omega being on Raw, Smackdown, NXT, or the weekly UK show could be truly exciting and spread his appeal as wide as possible.

WWE’s ready for such a star, and the ability of someone to be a draw “anytime, anywhere” would push not just eyes to Raw and Smackdown, but also subscribers to the Network. A week where Kenny Omega wrestles Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Kassius Ohno, and Pete Dunne?

That’s a level of ideal that WWE could’ve never imagined even one year ago. It’s also a level of idea that represents WWE’s future.

Very soon, this picture could be happening in MSG instead of Korakuen Hall.

In the past 18 months, WWE’s begun to undergo significant metaphysical changes that have called into question what main eventers physically look like, the languages they speak, the manoeuvres they use, and how they are marketed to the WWE Universe.

In the midst of all of this, though, Kenny Omega emerges as the best of all of the things that fans who have been unaware of wrestling outside of WWE haven’t noticed in 15 years, plus SO MUCH of what fans love specifically about WWE.

Intriguingly, while being able to speak multiple languages, Kenny Omega’s also stands over six feet tall and weighs over 225 pounds. Also, he has many of the same personality traits that allowed the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to revolutionise WWE wrestling. 

It should not be surprising if Kenny Omega appears in a WWE ring in the next 30 days. Rather, it should be expected.

Plus, the potential of what Omega can represent to WWE – from having mind-blowing matches with everyone up and down the card, teasing the uniting of the Bullet Club, to heck, let’s say it, creating the most logical reason ever to bring the Young Bucks to WWE and pairing with them as The Elite – is so significant at this exact moment, that it can’t be ignored.

Wrestling is set to explode again, and more so than any other wrestler in the industry today, it’s Kenny Omega who’s best suited to ignite the dynamite.

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