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Why it is the right time to turn Xavier Woods heel

922   //    18 May 2019, 02:52 IST

Could Xavier turn on the WWE ChampionsN
Could Xavier turn on the WWE Champion?

The New Day has been around for quite a while, and there is no doubt in anyone's mind that they have evolved to become one of the most beloved factions on the roster in recent times. However, as much as everyone loves the New Day, we must admit that even great things do tend to get stale after a while. While Kofi is great as a champion and a gifted wrestler, his gimmick seems a little too tame, not in line with how some fans expect to see their champion. This is not to say that Kofi's rise to the top is not justified, but as much as we loved to see him overcome the odds that had been stacked up against him, the novelty in his arc got heavily diminished after he was presented as the same character as before his championship victory. The monumental achievement seemed like the perfect opportunity to freshen up his on-screen persona.

Background and Possibilities

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 and is scheduled to defend it against Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank. While Big E is out with an injury and is not expected to return soon, Xavier Woods seems to be the only person by Kofi's side right now. However, even Xavier Woods was kept away from the action last week. It is expected that Sami Zayn will play a part in the upcoming match at Money in the Bank, and Woods likely won't stay on the sidelines either.

From the way Kofi has been booked recently, it does not seem likely that he would be losing the WWE Championship anytime soon. It is, however, possible that Xavier Woods turns on him after the match has concluded, thus positioning himself as a heel. Since the New Day is down to just two members right now, it seems like the perfect time for Woods to act on his storyline frustrations due to being perceived as the odd one out in the group. He remains the only one yet to win a singles title among the three. Xavier Woods can easily transition into being a jealous ally, who did everything to put Kofi in a position to win the WWE Championship, and now feels unrewarded and wronged by his stablemate.

Not only would a heel turn help Xavier Woods receive a meaningful gimmick, it would also provide the much-needed jolt to Kofi Kingston's character, one where he distances himself from The New Day and goes on to become a stand-alone champion that WWE aspires him to be.