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5 reasons why being a WWE superstar is a tough ordeal

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General perception will tell you that WWE superstars enjoy a near ‘demi god’ status. Almost on par with celebrities, but with slightly more bruises. People come with a lot of a expectations when they enter the big bad world of the WWE. Some of them make it big and enter the broadway whereas others just fade into the oblivion having made little impact. Irrespective of all that, they all deserve some amount of credit for shaping up the industry to what it is today.

It certainly is not easy being a WWE superstar. There is glamour and fame no doubt, but there are painful aspects on the other side of the coin as well. So, Let us look into their lives and wonder if it really is easy being a WWE superstar.

Being away from their loved ones

A regular famil life is just isn’t on the cards for a WWE star

If you have ever observed, the WWE superstars always talk about being ‘on the road’. They will tell you a hundred exciting stories about their journeys but will never confer to you about how much they miss their families. Week in week out, travel is the only word as they honour their contract and their fans by visiting them according to the hectic schedules they are presented with. Whether it is in the UK or the US or any other European and Asian countries for that matter, the superstars pack up, dress up and show up to enthrall the WWE universe.

WIth hardly any time to spend with their families, their personal equations tend to get bitter as they look to put food on the table. This pretty much explains why you hear so many divorce stories when you talk about the WWE roster.

Health takes a toll

Kofi being carted out after an injury

WWE superstars should be called ‘artists’ rather than wrestlers. The precision with which they plan and execute routines and maneuvers would put artists to shame. You never notice the amount of hard work and practise that goes into executing a match and they deserve ample credit for doing that. However, there are times when artistry displays go flawed and ends up injuring them for good.

The injuries they experience range from minor cuts to fatal blows. They must be prepared for the worst at all times and this is what makes it a very dangerous profession. Superstars like Edge, Stone Cold  and Triple H were forced to retire due to career threatening injuries whereas the late great Owen Hart died performing a dangerous move. Even a decade in professional wrestling does a world of bad to your body and despite all this, they love the profession and continue giving us a high dose of adrenaline.

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