Why wasn't Ivy Nile in the Royal Rumble Match? WWE NXT star's absence explained despite her being present backstage

Ivy Nile was a rumored entrant in the Royal Rumble match!
Ivy Nile was a rumored entrant in the Royal Rumble match!

WWE NXT's Ivy Nile is one of the brightest prospects on the show's roster. She has all the tools to take big wins and championships. She is currently doing bits every Tuesday night and has established herself as a name to look out for.

Ahead of the Royal Rumble event, Nile was one of many names rumored to make an appearance in the Women's Royal Rumble match. According to a report from PWInsider, WWE and Triple H had her and SmackDown Superstar Maxxine Dupri on standby in case any of their other entrants had to skip the show due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fans would have loved to see the former MMA star mix it up with the best of the best on the WWE roster. However, the reason she didn't show up is that every planned surprise entrant and the rest of the names were available.


HHH has Ivy Nile waiting in the wings at the Royal Rumble, ready to go in case something happened. Now that the show is over and done with, it looks like she will have to wait for the next main roster opportunity to open up. When that happens, we hope she can take her chance and show the WWE Universe what she is all about.

Ivy Nile's latest NXT appearance

Ivy Nile was by the Creed Brothers' side during their match against Indus Sher. The two teams showed off some great power moves and were at loggerheads throughout. However, the night quickly turned bad for her.

Towards the end of the match, Julius Creed got the better of his opponents, leading to Jinder Mahal running interference. The former WWE Champion tried to get in Julius' face, but Nile cut him off and stared him down.

Sanga whipped the babyface across the ring straight into the female superstar. The big man's momentum knocked her off the apron and caused her to land hard. While Brutus Creed checked to see if she was fine, Julius ran into a huge lariat from Veer Mahaan and then a chokeslam from Sanga for the pin and the win.

Nile's bump will surely be the talking point from the match. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious.

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