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Why Kofi Kingston is a future World Champion

Kofi Kingston is much more than just a midcard talent.

Kofi Kingston
Kingston has all the tools needed to succeed

Kofi Kingston has been alot of things in the WWE over the years.

Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, Jamaican and New Day member to name but a few. However, one thing that he has never been able to label himself as is a World Champion, which is something that needs to change over the next few years.

Having been part of the WWE for well over a decade now, Kofi has certainly put in some serious graft since debuting, but for a long time, he was stuck in midcard mediocrity.

It's understandable to a point if they didn't have any creative direction for him, but it felt like they were just shoving the guy in a corner with all the rest of the spot monkeys because "that's what they're good at".

However, as the Ghanaian-born superstar has proven during his time with The New Day, he's so much more than that.

The 35-year-old is probably one of the best all-round talents in the company, and it's that kind of skill that leads us to believe that WWE will eventually see the light and make him a World Champion before his time is up.

After all, there's two world titles now, which by sheer logic alone increases his chances of success. For the time being, he seems to be stuck in a bit of a storyline rut with New Day and as hard as it is for some fans to admit, their run together seems like it's slowly coming to an end.

Breaking them up isn't exactly going to be as devastating as breaking up a faction like The Shield was, but even then, as a group they've still had a pretty strong effect on the WWE Universe since their formation.

It's because of this that they don't need to initiate a heel turn in order to make the split work, because the 2017 WWE Draft could do it for them.

We saw it with a number of teams and or alliances last summer, and it's likely that we'll see it again when Raw and SmackDown superstars trade over to the opposite teams. Big E and Xavier can stay on Raw and still thrive, however, the best possible move for Kofi is to head over to the blue brand.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi’s run with The New Day proved what he can do

SD Live is literally billed as the land of opportunity and in terms of suitability, Kofi could certainly be one of the top players on their brand. All you need to do is look at the skills he possesses, starting off with something that fans used to wrongly assume he didn't have - good mic work.

Whether it's in a joking manner or a more serious heel promo, Kingston has spun some absolute gold on the stick over the last few months as New Day's character alignment progressively became more and more irrelevant.

It doesn't matter if it's scripted or improvised, because Kofi is more than capable of handling himself in any feud or situation put in front of him.

Then you have his believability. In terms of star power, Kingston isn't exactly up there with the John Cenas of the world, but when he communicates with the crowd you find yourself engaged in everything he's saying.

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If you watch the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, you can see that the former IC Champion is exactly the same off camera as he is on it, which begs the question - what were WWE doing all these years?

If Kofi says he loves the crowd, we believe him, but alternatively if he came out and said he was sick of being treated as a second-rate superstar, that would make alot of sense too.

It's that composure and confidence that draws the crowd in, and his diversity isn't often pointed out because of the equal strength that Woods and Big E possess.

Not everyone can switch back and forth between babyface and heel whilst still maintaining an essence of credibility, but Kofi and New Day did it seamlessly. The Royal Rumble expert isn't given enough recognition for the work he does in the group, especially when you consider that he's the veteran out of the three.

Kofi Kingston
Kingston’s work against Orton has always been fantastic

Plus, Kofi is a company man as much as anyone else - apart from Cena perhaps. No matter the occasion or event, he'll be there helping out the WWE in any way he can, and that influence spreads through to the world of merchandising aswell. 

Alot of the merch that has made New Day so popular has come from one of Kofi's catchphrases, and over the years he's always done well when it comes to being towards the top of the sales charts.

That might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to Vince McMahon it's vital and he'll be seeing dollar signs above the "Who" man's head.

Oh, and did you think we were going to forget the Randy Orton feud back in 2009? Yes it's a cliche to bring it up, but come on. It took place nearly eight years ago now and Kofi has just gotten better and better in that time frame. That experience is invaluable when thrusting someone into a more featured spot.

The matches, the intensity and the promos all highlighted why Kofi Kingston always had what it takes to thrive at a main event level, making it all the more surprising that the company have decided against it so far.

There are no holes in Kofi's game and in this crazy time that we call the new era, there's no better place to give him a chance.

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