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Why Nia Jax may defeat Enzo Amore at WrestleMania for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

727   //    19 Jan 2018, 12:09 IST

Is Nia Jax destined to be the first female WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship has gone through a metamorphosis over the past few months, evolving from a near-defunct and uninspiring Championship to only slight obscurity when it transferred from Neville to current Champion Enzo Amore.

But without question, it needs an additional shot in the arm to bring along the WWE Universe for the ride - and the current class of competitors simply isn't cutting it.

Despite Enzo Amore scheduled to compete and put his title up at the WWE Royal Rumble against Cedric Alexander, we suspect the title defence is nothing more than a lead-in to a truly awe-inspiring moment at WrestleMania where Nia Jax will defeat Amore and be the first woman Cruiserweight Champion of all time.

Over the past few weeks, the WWE has teased a budding relationship between Nia Jax and Enzo Amore, going as far as to have Jax jilt her best friend Alexa Bliss by abandoning her prior to her clash with Asuka to bring the ill-stricken “real one” some Chicken Noodle Soup.

While the interactions have been few and far between, there have been moments of speculation from the WWE Universe to whether or not this pair may actually become a couple moving forward.

We, however, expect Enzo to continue to be as insufferable as possible and deny Jax's interest.

There has been no indication that this budding relationship will evolve into an on-screen romance, and thus, word on the street is that Enzo may simply not reciprocate Jax’s feelings. This may further exacerbate Enzo’s newly-developed “heel” persona and turn the Universe complete against him and in favour of Nia - eventually leading to a Cruiserweight Championship match with some social and cultural relevance for WrestleMania in New Orleans.

Jax would undoubtedly have a little issue when dealing with Amore in the ring - her size and stature eclipses that of Enzo as well does her superior in-ring ability. This makes this one of the more believable female vs male storylines and cards in the company’s history, and wouldn’t shock any viewer to see Jax absolutely crush Amore.

Nia Jax defeating Enzo Amore at WrestleMania for the Cruiserweight Championship would bring some much needed relevance to the title, and further allows the company to continue its ongoing promotion of the “Women’s Revolution.” What better way is there to continue the “Revolution” than to have a female competitor defeat a male competitor for a flagship championship.

Let’s make it happen, WWE Creative.

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