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Why NXT should never become a two-hour show

Jordan Stynes
662   //    02 Oct 2018, 23:03 IST


In my opinion NXT is the best thing about WWE today. The constant influx of exciting new talent keeps the show fresh. The in-ring action is incredible and the storytelling really appeals to me. They take a simple approach to storylines and it's refreshing compared to the main roster's outlandish and sometimes complicated ones.

One of the most appealing things about NXT is the length of the show. You get one hour every Wednesday night and its perfect. Its crazy how they manage to fit so much into a single hour.

As a wrestling fan you are flooded with content nowadays. The WWE produce seven hours of wrestling a week, eight if you count the recent May Young Classic shows. Plus, if you watch other promotions this number could hit 13-15 hours each week. Three hours of RAW can be a lot to digest and most of the time it is a challenge to sit through a whole show.

That's why NXT is so enjoyable. I look forward every week to an hour of great wrestling on a Wednesday night. Its like a reward for slogging through Monday and Tuesday. There is an argument that NXT should up-scale and produce two hours of TV a week.

This is a valid point and would give more time for talent to develop on TV. I disagree with this point and never want it to go two hours a week. NXT has found their sweet spot. This format works really well for them. NXT already gives young talent time on every show and the house show circuit is where the developmental talent cut their teeth.

One of my main problems with RAW and Smackdown Live is that every week it seems like the same wrestlers compete against the same people every week and produce the exact same match. Take Finn Balor and Elias for example, I swear there was a couple of weeks a few months back where they wrestled each other on every single RAW.

NXT kind of goes in two week rotations. The wrestlers that competed this week will not compete next week. They may have a promo but will probably not compete. This keeps the show fresh. If you upgrade to two hours a week then there is room for these wrestlers to compete on every show.

NXT is what I want the main roster to be. I want more focus on the in-ring action and simple but effective storytelling. However, I don't see the main roster ever going this way. They are too involved in being a multimedia billion-dollar entertainment franchise and not a wrestling show. But hey, at least we have NXT.