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Why Shane McMahon should put his job as commissioner on the line at WWE Hell In A Cell 2017

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Shane McMahon meets Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell
Shane McMahon meets Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens have dominated the build-up to next month's Hell in a Cell event over the past few weeks, ever since Owens blamed the SmackDown Commissioner for the fact that he was unable to recapture the United States Championship from AJ Styles on a number of different occasions. 

The rivalry has become personal over the past few weeks as Owens targeted Shane McMahon's father, the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, and left him a bloodied mess in the middle of the ring. It was announced following this attack that Shane would be given an opportunity to extract revenge at Hell in a Cell inside the demonic structure. 

On the most recent episode of SmackDown, the build-up to the match seemed to reach a boiling point as Owens attacked his former friend Sami Zayn following their match and powerbombed him off the apron, before trying to continue the attack with a steel chair. This time, the SmackDown commissioner was in the arena and ran out to help Zayn, only to have the former NXT Champion thrown into him so that Owens could make his escape. 

Whilst many of the WWE Universe have commented about the fact that Shane McMahon doesn't really need to be in this match, it seems as though pride and revenge are the main things behind the entire feud. 

The build-up to Shane McMahon's match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33 was very similar, and following the match, the duo were able to shake hands and go their separate ways. It seems highly unlikely that Shane and Kevin Owens will be able to shake hands and still continue to work on the same roster after they have taken each other to the depths of hell inside the steel structure. 

That being said, Owens was only recently moved over to SmackDown Live following WrestleMania, so it seems highly unlikely that WWE would be willing to send him back over to the show their flagship show. Instead, the best option could be for Shane McMahon to put his job as commissioner of SmackDown Live on the line so that Owens can then defeat the 47-year-old and sending him packing from television.

Raw went through the same change following WrestleMania when Mick Foley was forced away from the brand when it was revealed that he needed surgery, so Kurt Angle was brought in and he seems to have changed the face of the show for the better.

Shane has been at the helm of SmackDown Live for more than a year now and it has reached the point where there isn't a lot more he can do, and there aren't many wrestlers left that he can decide to pick a fight with. 

SmackDown is said to be the land of opportunity, so why not allow someone new to step in Shane's footsteps and run SmackDown differently for the next few months so that the WWE Universe can at least get a feeling for what the brand would be like without a McMahon in charge. 

The problem with WWE right now is that they are becoming complacent; the company is aware that ratings are down and that attendance at live events are seemingly at an all-time low, but they are not prepared to do anything drastic to turn the tide. 

Stephanie McMahon is rumoured to be returning to WWE at some point in the near future, so there would still be a McMahon seen to be in charge on one brand, even if Shane were set to leave. 

Shane has already given the WWE Universe everything that he can as commissioner of SmackDown Live and, unlike his sister, he hasn't taken a lot of time away from the company in recent months, so the WWE Universe hasn't been able to see what would happen to the show if he weren't around to fix all of the problems. 

It would also be an interesting way for WWE to bring in another legend or even have a heel superstar as the commissioner for a while to see how General Manager Daniel Bryan would then deal with their differences of opinion. 

This storyline had so much potential when Bryan was forced to suspend Shane McMahon a few weeks ago and it hasn't yet been reported as to whether or not he has been reinstated, so there is a remote chance that Shane could lose his match and his job as a result of being unable to avenge his father. 

Either way, Shane stepping down from his position opens up a number of options that WWE could really do with exploring over the next few months as they look to bring back their fanbase before WrestleMania season begins in just four months time. 

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