Why did Stone Cold Steve Austin retire?

It has been over a decade since Stone Cold Steve Austin's retirement
It has been over a decade since Stone Cold Steve Austin's retirement

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was a staple of WWE's Attitude Era. He is a record three-time Royal Rumble winner, multi-time world champion, and a WWE Hall of Famer. He is responsible for WWE being the biggest pro-wrestling promotion right now.

The Texas Rattlesnake retired from in-ring competition in 2003 after wrestling The Rock at WrestleMania XIX. The major reason behind his untimely retirement was a neck injury he suffered in 1997 while taking a Piledriver from Owen Hart.

The injury left him temporarily paralyzed. Austin continued to wrestle for a few more years and also underwent surgery on his neck. However, the damage was already done and doctors advised him to quit wrestling.

We will never not get goosebumps watching @steveaustinBSR’s entrance for his final ever match, against @TheRock, at #WrestleMania 19. @Alongside @JRsBBQ calling the shots, it’s absolute perfection #316Day

Stone Cold Steve Austin also suffered from various knee injuries at the time. His body was exhausted to a great extent, so he retired for good. He continued to appear as an authority figure in WWE's programming for the remainder of 2003 and 2004.

Could Stone Cold Steve Austin ever wrestle again?

The Texas Rattlesnake is now physically fit enough to wrestle one more match for WWE. In an episode of Talk Is Jericho, Steve Austin gave his thoughts about the possibility of him wrestling again.

He revealed that Vince McMahon tried to convince him to wrestle again. However, he refused by saying that he doesn't have anything left to prove to his fans.

“I think Vince [McMahon] tried talking me into coming back a couple of times. But you know Chris, I love the business so much – I can’t say I love it more than anybody else, I can only speak for myself. But I just love the damn business, and it hurt me so much to leave it. And to me, going back for one match, being like man, why? What am I proving? What are they going to remember? It ain’t about the money," said Steve Austin.

As of now, it doesn't look like the former world champion will ever wrestle in a square circle. However, wrestlers are known to hide the plans for their return so we cannot rule out the possibility of Stone Cold Steve Austin's wrestling return. He currently enjoys acting, hosting TV shows, and also runs a WWE talk show called 'The Broken Skull Sessions'.

What do you think? Will Stone Cold Steve Austin come out of his retirement for one more match like Shawn Michaels? Tell us in the comments section!

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