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Why the Miz is the definition of greatness

A man, an actor, performer, reality TV star and professional wrestler. The Miz truly is everything you as a human being should aspire to be.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 13:  Professional wrestlers The Miz (L) and Maryse Ouellet attend the 2016 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
The Miz was born in Parma, Ohio.

After another successful title defence at Backlash, it's now day 161 of the Miz's Never Ending Intercontinental Championship World Tour. Yes I know, I know he won with the help of his beautiful wife but that's what heels do, yes HEELS.

In a wrestling era where the importance of heels and faces are diminishing it's so refreshing to see a mid-card heel go back the roots of wrestling. Heels are not meant to be cool like Kevin Owens, they're meant to be hateable like the Miz!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the Miz appreciation society. Today we will celebrate Michael Mizanin and shed light on how valuable he truly is to the WWE. In a career that has spanned well over 10 years, the Miz truly has done it all.

From WWE Championship reigns to lead acting roles and adverts, the Miz has represented the WWE professionally at all times. A man, an actor, performer, reality TV star and professional wrestler who excels at any role he's given whilst not receiving the respect he deserves from the WWE Universe.   

For the past 161 days he has held the Intercontinental Championship and restored it to its rightful place on SmackDown, the centre of attention. Ever since the WWE Draft on the 19th of July, the Miz has made himself the most 'must-see' champion on Team Blue.

He has given all on comers a great rub whilst also maintaining his heelish persona. SmackDown was labelled as the WWE Champion's home but over the past few months, the Miz has overshadowed Ambrose's WWE title reign.

When was the last time a mid-card champion overshadowed the brand's top champion? But still nobody's singing his praises, people just want to label him as the 'reality TV guy' rather than appreciate the tremendous entertainment he provides on the TV week in week out.

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