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Opinion: Why Goldberg match will go down as the worst of The Undertaker's Career 

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:23 IST

The Undertaker and Goldberg put on a dismal performance in the ring that left a lot to be desired
The Undertaker and Goldberg put on a dismal performance in the ring that left a lot to be desired

This was a match that fans had craved for years; this was a match that pitted two of the biggest icons of the wrestling industry against each other. Goldberg and The Undertaker squared off in Saudi Arabia with the anticipation sky high for the proverbial ‘Clash Of The Titans’.

But then, what transpired in the ring left the fans dumbstruck. In an extremely lackluster performance, both legends put on a dismal show that left a lot to be desired. The combined age of these two Superstars is 106 years, and this match indeed proved that perhaps neither of these two Superstars should step into the ring again and tarnish their legacies any further.

Goldberg started the match with two spears of high intensity, but after that, everything went downhill for the two aged performers. After the spot where Goldberg was busted open against the ring-post, the match had absolutely no chance of being salvaged.

Goldberg botched his Jackhammer, sending The Undertaker's head crashing down on the canvas at an awkward angle, in a move that looked more like a bad version of the Brainbuster. He then positioned himself for the Tombstone, but collapsed onto the ground instead. The Undertaker subsequently dropped Goldberg on his head - dangerously low, that too - with a Tombstone on the latter's open wound, and finally brought the painstaking match to an end after a weak Chokeslam.

The Undertaker has wrestled for almost three decades now, and has given fans memories that will last a lifetime. The last two years, however, have proven that age has indeed caught up with The Phenom. He first struggled in the ring against Triple H at Super Showdown in Australia last year, and then again at Crown Jewel, where The Deadman labored in the ring and delivered another below-par performance.

In my opinion, this match at WWE Super ShowDown serves as proof that both Undertaker and Goldberg should hang up their boots for good. The match was wrestled at an extremely slow pace, and it really is hard to think of another match that was so difficult to watch for all the wrong reasons.

The Undertaker was involved in a squash match against John Cena at WrestleMania XXXIV, he struggled in the ring against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XXXIII, but his match against Goldberg was the worst of his illustrious career.

This was a ‘dream match’ that took place a decade too late - and even that is being generous; all it did was tarnish the legacies of two legitimate icons of WWE. Maybe it really is time for Undertaker to 'Rest In Peace'.

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Published 09 Jun 2019, 01:08 IST
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