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Why WWE didn't pull the trigger on Braun Strowman

22.00K   //    27 Sep 2017, 17:57 IST

Braun on the warpath on Monday Night Raw

If you haven't heard by now Braun Strowman lost to Brock Lesnar at No Mercy on Sunday. Given that it was Brock he lost too, should anyone be surprised at the outcome? The "IWC" — Internet Wrestling Community — has been up in arms, arguing that the WWE has just put out the fire that was burning around Strowman and the momentum he was gaining on his march to true stardom and a main event role within the company.

Let's face it, the outcome of the main event at No Mercy was never in doubt for 2 simple reasons:

#1 The fate of Brock has not been decided

Until the WWE are clear on where Brock stands post his current contract finishing on the night after Wrestlemania, the company will not move on from their most bankable current star. Brock still has a massive amount to contribute to the WWE and I believe he will sign at least one more contract to see out his career.

If this is the case, the literal passing of the torch moment does not need to be imminent. This would allow Braun to develop as a wrestler and come into his own. Whilst his growth has been amazing over the last 12 months I still believe the WWE need to orchestrate his ascension to being the main big man of the company and an elongated chase for the title may mean Braun becoming more Stone Cold (a Top draw) than Kane (a credible big man who only had limited moments in the sun).

Ultimately, I would argue that the WWE are being strategic in their career development and character enhancement where it comes to Braun.

#2 Roman Reigns

It is an undisputed fact that Reigns will be the next big thing regardless of whether the WWE fans want it or not. The company is high on him as a merchandise mover and performer (at least in the ring). Whilst he has had his setbacks, e.g. his suspension post a wellness program breach, Reigns has been one of their most consistent performers and has kept himself largely injury free.

The win over John Cena at No Mercy proved that the coronation of Reigns would come at Wrestlemania, if not before. However, I believe creative has decided that this plays into a Braun Strowman push. Imagine the incredible heat Roman will receive post his win at Wrestlenania to claim the Universal championship.


Imagine also the amount of support that will exist for Strowman should he be the man to chase and finally win the strap. The fan euphoria I believe will be akin to Daniel Bryan's magical Wrestlemania moment, which came at the peak of the "Yes" movement. This type of moment would allow Strowman to have the back story befitting of a legend. That hall of fame story which cements him as the main man for WWE for the next decade.

So all those fans about to storm the head offices of the WWE, chill! I believe that this time the WWE has this under control, and they understand where Strowman is and the potential he brings.

They also understand that making sure the fans really get behind him as he chases the title will ultimately mean a much bigger fan base when he does climb to the top of the mountain. Building Strowman up around the fringes of the main event scene keeps him in our consciousness and builds the anticipation. I for one can't wait to see how this all plays out.

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