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Why WWE needs to end Alexa Bliss's women's equality storyline right now

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Alexa Bliss,
The Goddess, Alexa Bliss

WWE is once again playing a very dangerous game!

Alexa Bliss confronted Kurt Angle after he announced her five opponents for the Elimination Chamber title match in February and while fans probably expected Bliss to come out whining about the match as much as possible, she was whining about women and men not being treated the same way in the company.

In fact, Bliss, who will defend her title against Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James at the Elimination Chamber pay per view, started making comparisons between her and Brock Lesnar, even going so far as to ask Kurt Angle if she was on the same level as The Beast Incarnate.

She then claimed that Angle's decision to have her compete in the women's Elimination Chamber match was sexist due to the fact that Lesnar doesn't have to defend his title at The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. What made the situation worse was when Kurt Angle asked the fans to decide The Goddess's fate, which brought about a pretty mixed reaction.

With that being said, the biggest problem with this whole deal can be seen from the fans reaction to the segment on Raw. While mixed reactions are usually a good thing and could mean that fans are split right down the middle on the subject, the fact that it's centred around politics and not competitors is troublesome.

First of all, there's the problem of the Superstar arguing for women's equality being a heel character. While that might seem like a nitpick to some, one has to realize that WWE wants the fans to boo her for these progressive ideas and just chalk them up to whining. Even worse, WWE is seemingly tarnishing the good name of the Women's Evolution to do that.

Those two things alone are bad enough for WWE to be doing, but they become even more troublesome when you consider the fact that WWE is doing this in the midst of the Stormy Daniels scandal, and the #metoo moment. It's honestly politics where politics doesn't belong and WWE needs to be very careful about the things they do with this storyline.

In fact, they need to change the narrative completely and turn Alexa Bliss babyface if she is going to continue on with this storyline. Regardless of whether you think that is right or wrong, please consider that it is the only possible way to avoid a mainstream meltdown and even a subsequent boycott of WWE.

Sure, some might see that as hyperbole for the sake of hyperbole, but the mainstream media has much worse to far more powerful entities. Again, WWE is playing a very dangerous game in today's political climate and they might want to watch before they step into a minefield during WrestleMania season.

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