Will 99-rated Roman Reigns be broken in WWE 2K23?

Roman Reigns will be a monster in WWE 2K23!
Roman Reigns will be a monster in WWE 2K23!

Roman Reigns will be the strongest playable character in WWE 2K23. That, as Paul Heyman says, is not a prediction but a spoiler. For the past year that he has had and the records he has smashed, it makes sense.

Reigns was also the highest-rated superstar in WWE 2K22 with an incredible 95 rating. Reports, however, state that he is set to receive a staggering overall rating of 99. No, that's not a typo, and yes, that means he will be the highest-rated superstar in any WWE video game (excluding the Gold AJ Styles in WWE 2K19, which was a special edition character and rated a perfect 100) in history.

As such, there are legitimate concerns over whether a character rated 99 will break the game and sit alone at the top of the tier list. While those worries are justified, there is no reason to be worried as of now.


The Tribal Chief will be the best and most well-rounded character in WWE 2K23, but that doesn't mean he will be invincible. While the buff to his defensive stats will make him a tank who is hard to wear down, it's not impossible to do so, especially if you are a running character like Brock Lesnar.

If you are finding it difficult to defeat Roman Reigns, you can always create your own superstar, give them the same rating, and hand the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion a walloping.

Does Roman Reigns deserve a 99 rating in WWE 2K23?


Roman Reigns is being given a +4 buff to his overall rating in WWE 2K22 by WWE, and 2K is incredible. That means he will be one shy of a centum in WWE 2K23. However, the question arises as to whether or not he deserves this honor, and in our eyes, it's a clear yes.

When it comes to the WWE product, Reigns is the undisputed king, having defeated everyone in his path. He rarely loses, and even when he does, it's not him being pinned or submitted. In fact, the last time he was pinned/submitted was in 2019.

Such feats deserve recognition (acknowledgment) in video games as well, which is why we feel a 99 rating is reflective of The Head of the Table's dominance in the industry. He often says he is in God Mode, and this number sure paints that picture.

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