Will Pat McAfee ever return to WWE?

Pat McAfee is an absolute legend!
Pat McAfee is an absolute legend!

SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee is perhaps one of the best signings WWE has made in recent times. He was a breath of fresh air on commentary and routinely brought unmatched energy on SmackDown. Together with longtime WWE announcer Michael Cole, his screaming at iconic moments truly made them more so.

McAfee hasn't been on programming since September 7. He took a hiatus due to his ESPN College GameDay commitments. He is doing a great job there and on The Pat McAfee Show. In his absence, WWE announced a revamp to the commentary team for all their shows.

Naturally, fans want to know whether the former NFL star will be making a comeback to WWE. If you want to know the answer to that question, read on to find out.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McAfee will be returning to WWE in January. This means he will be back for Royal Rumble and, by extension, WrestleMania. We can't wait for him to lose his mind at surprise Rumble entrants and 'Mania results.

Pat McAfee's thoughts on his WWE career

The SmackDown commentator has been a revelation throughout his WWE stint. Fans have taken positively to his hype commentary and his incredibly surprising in-ring skills. Indeed, his words are backed by his wrestling, having given fans some fun fights since he first signed.

Pat McAfee famously feuded with former WWE Superstar Adam Cole back in 2020. The latter hailed him for his WrestleMania 38 performance and his exploits on commentary while remaining in character and calling him a piece of trash.

"As a person, he's a dirtbag, [I] can't stand him. But if I will look objectively and talk about how much potential he has, Pat McAfee blows my mind. He's so athletically gifted. As far as the wrestling part, he's done great. Everyone knows he can talk for hours, and he's super compelling and interesting. Pat knocked it out of the park, he did an amazing, amazing job. So, as far as the potential of where he could go and what he could do in the pro wrestling industry, I think he could go as far as he wants to." [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

We can't wait for McAfee to return and instill his brand of commentary on SmackDown alongside Michael Cole.

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