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Worst WWE Gimmicks of all-time: 5 Worst gimmicks from the New Generation Era

Pratyay Ghosh
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Can there be a gimmick worse tahn Mantaur – the half-human half-bull?

The New Generation Era was a strange period for the WWE. Business was down following the fallout from Vince’s steroids trial and WWE looked to move away from bulked up behemoths to smaller Superstars like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. The era saw the rise of some truly terrible gimmicks and saw a fascination for occupation-based gimmicks from race car drivers and garbage truck drivers to tax collectors.

The weak storylines didn’t help a roster full of whack gimmicks either. The WWE during this period was mainly geared towards a younger audience while WCW, who were blowing WWE out of the water during some of these years, went towards edgier content geared towards young adults.

Vince eventually moved away from whacky gimmicks towards edgier programming which led to the birth of the Attitude Era but not before a series of terrible wrestlers and gimmicks had already been showcased during the New Generation years.

It was truly hard to narrow this list down to 5, with gimmicks as bad as TL Hopper, Isaac Yankem DDS and Tekno Team 2000 not making the cut. What’s worse than an evil wrestling dentist? Read on to find out.

5: Phantasio

Phantasio was a wrestling magician

Phantasio was a magician who wrestled. Think about how dumb that is for a second. Looking more like a mentally impaired mime, Phantasio’s short WWE career only lasted one televised appearance.

Phantasio made his debut in a 1995 taping of Wrestling Challenge and his only attempts at performing magic included ‘magically’ throwing streamers at his opponent and taking his opponent’s underwear off ‘magically’ after reaching into his tights which he followed with a roll up for the win. Fans were supposed to be impress by an underwear removing magician who probably couldn’t perform a basic card trick?

Phantasio followed this bewildering finish to the match by ‘magically’ taking off Earl Hebner’s underwear too.

The gimmick’s end was swift and only made one more house show appearance before being booted and thankfully so.

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