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WOW Women of Wrestling Results (November 2nd, 2019): Tessa Blanchard puts her title on the line, The Beast lays down a serious threat

Greg Bush
03 Nov 2019, 05:50 IST

Tonight was Faith's time to shine
Tonight was Faith's time to shine

Last week, Jungle Grrrl faced The Beast to determine who would next face Tessa Blanchard for the WOW World Championship. The Beast, originally the No.1 contender, lost her opportunity thanks to some interference from Lana Star and Faith the Lioness, forcing a disqualification.

It seemed that Sophia Lopez and Blanchard found another way to keep The Beast away from her long-overdue title shot. Thanks to that, Faith the Lioness found herself next in line for the Born Legend. Opening the show, Beast cornered Star at her car in the parking lot. The powerhouse warned that if Star ever interfered in her business again, she'd have her face torn off.

David McLane asked Jungle Grrrl about what happened the week prior. Jungle Grrrl said that a win is a win, and that means that she'll be facing the champion. Blanchard came out to some tough questioning from McClane, but ignored him, instead addressing Jungle Grrrl.

Blanchard said she already broke Grrrl's undefeated streak, so she'd have no problem beating her again. However, tonight, she'll be facing a new contender.

Khloe Hurtz vs Sassy Massy

Hurtz had a clear power advantage over the smaller Massy
Hurtz had a clear power advantage over the smaller Massy

The fast paced offense of Massy was too much for Hurtz early on. However, a distraction allowed Hurtz' ring rats to trip up Massy. Hurtz stomped out Massy for some time, even hitting a nice handspring back elbow.

An Axe Kick to the back of the head probably could've won the match for Miss All Natural, but she continued to pour on the pain. Therefore, Massy tripped her into the ropes and rocked her with a short-arm clothesline, earning a near fall.

The powerful Hurtz cut off Massy's momentum with an impressive multi-squat Samoan drop. Massy did manage to escape the Torture Rack, and planted Hurtz with two Complete Shots for the win.


Results: Sassy Massy defeated Khloe Hurtz via pinfall.

The security cameras in the locker room managed to capture the Dixie Darlings stealing the gear of Jessie Jones and Amber O'Neal.

The Temptress w/The Dagger vs Chantilly Chella

Chella was electric tonight
Chella was electric tonight

The Temptress was disgusted by Chella, who had the crowd chanting at the beginning of the match. Chella looked good early on, keeping the Temptress wrapped up, and managed to shake off a kick to the gut for a great hurricanrana.

Chella set up for a monkey flip, but Temptress held on, instead tossing Chella across the ring and landing on her face. Temptress followed up a snapmare with a pump kick attempt. Though Chella ducked it, a clothesline nearly took her block off. Chella finally made it to her feet where she rocked her opponent with a striking combination and a running meteora. A missile dropkick earned her a two-count.

A cutter would've put away Temptress, but Dagger pulled her out to break the pin. Chella followed her, which led to her taking a massive big boot to the side of the head. A little bit of showboating allowed Chella to recover, and a spinning back kick knocked the Temptress out cold.

Results: Chantilly Chella defeated The Temptress via pinfall.

Jones and O'Neal found out their boots were missing just as their match was about to begin. Tough start to their tag team tournament bout. Jones demanded that David McClane postpone the match, but he refused, stating that they should be able to overcome this small roadbump.

Amber O'Neal & Jessie Jones vs Fire & Adrenaline

It's not easy to wrestle without your boots...
It's not easy to wrestle without your boots...

O'Neal trapped Fire in the corner and lit her up with clubbing blows. That strength advantage couldn't prevent O'Neal from taking a picture-perfect dropkick, stunning her. Adrenaline tagged in and connected with a missile dropkick.

Jones tagged in, only to be trapped in a series of pinning predicaments. Fire tagged in and the fast paced tag team rocked Jones with a pair of running dropkicks in the corner. Jones fought out of the Asai DDT, dumping Fire to the floor outside while bringing Adrenaline to her corner.

O'Neal battered Adrenaline, hammering her with some strong right hands. Adrenaline struggled to make it to her corner, with both O'Neal and Jones keeping her cut off from Fire. After minutes of a two-on-one beatdown, Adrenaline caught O'Neal with a tornado DDT.

Fire exploded into the ring, as did Jones, who was lit up with a series of clotheslines and a superkick to the jaw. O'Neal tagged in when Jones twisted her ankle, giving Fire the idea to tear off her shoe and trap her in an ankle lock.

Results: Fire & Desire defeated Amber O'Neal & Jessie Jones via submission.

After the match, the Dixie Darlings came clean to O'Neal and Jones. For that, they were assaulted by the now eliminated tag team.

Faith the Lioness w/Lana Star & Sophia Lopez vs Tessa Blanchard

The Lioness may have been more of a challenge than Blacnhard was anticipating
The Lioness may have been more of a challenge than Blacnhard was anticipating

The young Lioness kept up with the Born Legend, bringing Blanchard to the mat multiple times. Avoiding a clothesline with a Matrix like maneuver, Lioness dropped her with a flying clothesline of her own.

A top rope arm drag sent Blanchard outside. However, she baited her challenger for a suicide dive, catching her in between the ropes with a stiff elbow strike. Back inside, Blanchard battered her with forearms, clotheslines, and a kick to the jaw. However, a rolling roundhouse rocked her, giving the Lioness a chance to put away the champion.

A missile dropkick in the corner earned the Lioness a near fall. A lethal enziguri sent Blanchard outside, and the Lioness finally connected with a suicide dive. Back inside, another two-count. Lioness set up for a diving maneuver, but Blanchard took her legs out from under her, hitting the Magnum for a near fall.

Lioness avoided a diving maneuver from Blanchard but couldn't escape the Diamond DDT.

Results: Tessa Blanchard defeated Faith the Lioness via pinfall.

Jungle Grrrl rushed the ring immediately after the match was over, spearing Blanchard and laying into her with fists. The referees broke up the brawl as we ended the night.

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