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4 Times Shane McMahon and Undertaker faced each other

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All hell will break loose at WrestleMania 32!

Shane McMahon is all set to face The Undertaker in two days’ time and needless to say, the odds are heavily stacked against him. However, Shane McMahon will bring the fight to The Deadman inside his own proverbial backyard, Hell in a Cell. This is definitely not the first time the two are going to face each other, though.

The two have had a quite a history. While they’ve been on the same side, they’ve also squared off against each other and to make matters interesting, Shane McMahon does not have a very good track record against The Deadman. 

Here are 5 times Shane O Mac and The Undertaker have faced each other. 

SmackDown, 2000

It all started with Shane McMahon challenging The Undertaker to a match. What made him to that? Well, Shane O Mac’s father suffered a hit and run attack at the hands of The American Badass.

Shane O Mac came out and bragged about his victory against The Big Show at Judgement Day and called out The Undertaker. The Deadman did oblige and made short work of Shane O Mac. He chokeslammed him and out came Degeneration X to Shane’s rescue. 

Undertaker held his own against Triple H, X-pac and Road Dogg for a while, but they had the numbers advantage. And just when you thought D-X were going to make The Undertaker pay, out came The Rock and did what he does best – layeth the smacketh down and DX had to retreat. 

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