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WrestleMania 35: Cruiserweight Championship match, results, video highlights, and analysis

Soumik Datta
234   //    08 Apr 2019, 04:32 IST

Murphy and Nese stole the show in the WM opener
Murphy and Nese stole the show in the WM opener

WrestleMania 35 kicked off with the highly awaited Cruiserweight Championship match between champion Buddy Murphy and challenger Tony Nese in what sure did promise to be one of the best matches of the evening.

The match began with Murphy immediately going on the attack, as he tried to connect with a big knee, however, a resilient Nese managed to fight back and ignited a bawl in the process. A motivated Nese was all but fired up and let everyone know that this is his WrestleMania as he managed to drop Murphy to the floor. After taking the action to the outside for a while, Nese took things back into the ring and clearly dominated the match in the opening stages, as the champion is struggled to find an opening.

However, following a short commercial break Murphy successfully managed to turn around the match in his favor. But it didn't take Nese too long to get back into the contest, as he connected with all sorts of offensive moves, starting from a suplex and also managing to hit a big moonsault in the corner.

The match started picking up its pace, as Murphy hit a powerbomb and superkick combo for a close 2 count, whereas, Nese answered back with a kick out of Murphy's Law. The champion got the knees and tried for a Brainbuster but it was blocked, however, the challenger eventually got caught and both men went down as the ref began his count.

Murphy got back up to his feet and the two men started striking each other, the champ looked to gain the upper hand but Nese was right there with a few offensive moves of his own. Murphy hit a few stiff kicks but Nese answered back with his own big moves as well. The champion ran into an elbow and managed to nail a big clothesline but a resilient Nese hit another big counter, putting the champion down to the mat for a close two-count. Nese cannot believe what he was saying as he quickly picked himself up and looked to capitalize.


Nese within no short time hits the 450 from the top but the champ once again out at 2 and we got more back-and-forth action. Nese managed to kick out of another Murphy's Law and hit a big counter with a German into the corner. The challenger got more offensive by the minute and eventually connected with the knees finisher to win the Cruiserweight Title.

Congratulations to Tony Nese on winning the Cruiserweight Championship.

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