5 Wrestlers we would Like to see in a Hell In A Cell match

  • A look at some wrestlers, including some currently outside of the WWE, who we would like to see compete in a Hell In A Cell match.
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The first ever Hell In A Cell match happened on Oct 5, 1997 and featured The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. Since that inaugural match, Hell In A Cell has grown into its own event with this years edition featuring potentially 3 Hell In A Cell matches (if Charlotte Flair accepts Becky Lynch's challenge) on the card.

The Hell In A Cell match has grown in popularity over the years with many of WWE's top stars competing in the steel enclosed ring. Here's a list of wrestlers that would excel if given an opportunity to compete in this dangerous match. 

#1 Adam Cole (currently with NXT)

Adam Cole
Adam Cole

Since coming to NXT, Adam Cole has shown that he has the ability to excel in matches with additional challenging elements in them. Adam was a standout in NXT's first ever War Games, held his own in his appearance in the 2018 Royal Rumble and then went on to win the inaugural NXT North American Championship in a ladder match. Adam Cole has the stamina to potentially go the distance in a Hell In A Cell match. 

#2 The Briscoe Brothers (currently with RoH)

The Briscoe Brothers
The Briscoe Brothers

Current Ring Of Honour tag team champions, The Briscoe Brothers would likely feel right at home in a Hell In The Cell match. Not ones to shy away from extreme tactics, The Briscoe Brothers, Jay and Mark Briscoe (not to be confused with The Brisco Brother, Gerald and Jack) could take a Hell In A Cell match to a whole new level.                               

#3 Adam 'Hangman' Page (currently with RoH & NJPW)

Adam "Hangman" Page

This rising star has never been one to shy away from taking things to the extreme. Whether it's been keeping up with their high flying style, when tagging with The Young Bucks or performing high risk moves himself, like moonsaulting off a balcony at Ring Of Honour's Manhattan Mayhem, Adam "Hangman" Page is known for showing no fear. Hell In A Cell would be no different for the Bullet Club's resident risk-taking cowboy. 

#4 War Raiders (currently with NXT)

War Raiders
War Raiders

Locking another tag team in the Hell In A Cell cage with the War Raiders is the equivalent of signing those wrestlers death warrants. The hard-hitting, aggressive fighting style of these Viking warriors is enough to destroy their opponents in a normal tag-team match. In Hell In A Cell, you might as well park two stretchers outside the cage for their opponents because that is likely the only way their opponents will be leaving. 

#5 Aleister Black (currently with NXT)

Aleister Black

Aleister Black has a very hauntingly peaceful and has a tranquilly aggressive ring presence. This presence would be even more omniscient inside Hell In The Cell. A Hell In A Cell match can be intimidating enough on its own. Now imagine your opponent is not only unaffected by the structure but relaxed and sitting peacefully waiting for you to make a move. When you finally step forward, your challenge is greeted with explosive, precise aggression and to make matters worse, you realize you are locked in what now feels like the cage that belongs to your attacker. 

Is there anyone else who should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below...

Published 04 Sep 2018, 12:00 IST
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