List of wrestlers who were on television shows that you may have missed

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We may get to see a lot of our favourite wrestlers on Monday, Tuesdays or almost any other day of the week on television (depending on how you watch wrestling).

Sometimes we are treated to an appearance on a television show when wrestlers often branch out into action of some sort.

Wrestlers like Batista, the Rock, Ronda Rousey and John Cena are huge stars now, so they've already made a niche in the movie industry.

Sometimes the wrestler's appearance on a show is directly linked to promotion with the WWE while other times, it is independent of the promotion.

The relationship between wrestling and tv/film has been around for decades and it will probably continue as long as money is there to be made on both sides.

This list won't include superstars with their own shows (Total Divas/Bellas, the Rock on Ballers, Miz and Mrs.) or appearances on talk shows or those like SNL. It also doesn't include ones hosted by wrestlers like John Cena's American Grit or the Rock's forthcoming Titan Games.

These appearances were on scripted television within the last decade, except for one. It involves a wrestler currently competing on an island.

 #7 Edge on "Flash" and Vikings

Edge played supervillain
Edge played supervillain 'Atom Smasher' on an episode of The Flash.

If you are a comic-book nerd like myself, you might have caught everyone's favorite 'Ultimate Opportunist' when he appeared on the first episode of the second season of the CW show the Flash's second season in 2015.

Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) encountered a meta-human played by Edge named Atom Smasher. The main villain of season 2, Zoom, was bringing villains from Earth-2 to our version of Earth on which the Flash is stationed. I know, time travel/dimensional travelling can often be confusing and tiresome.

Needless to say, he played a supervillain (the other earth had different versions of the characters on the Barry's Earth).

Edge also had a recurring role on the History series Vikings.

The name of the show is a self-explanatory-a group of Vikings live, raid, battle and try to live together in medieval Europe.

You can catch Edge on the last season of
You can catch Edge on the last season of "Vikings" and on the season returning later this month.

I always thought that Edge sort of had the look of a Viking, but just needed a beard to complete the look.

On the show, he's been playing a member of a small band of Vikings who left their homeland to start a new settlement in a strange new place. It might be Iceland or Greenland or even an island off the coast of Canada or the northern US.

He'll still be part of the cast when the show returns on November 28 at 9 on History Channel.

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