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10 Things We Learned from the Cruiserweight Classic

The CWC is over, and we're sad to see it end. Let's revisit what we learned from the tournament.

T.J. Perkins wins the CWC

For 10 nail-biting weeks, fans of the athletic aspect of sports entertainment were treated to some of the best wrestling in the history of WWE. Daniel Bryan does not exaggerate when he exclaims during every single match- ‘Oh my God! I’ve never seen anything like this!’. Even as seasoned wrestling journalists, we saw things during this tournament that were simply extraordinary.

The action was so fast paced at times, that we had to struggle to keep up. So while we catch our breath, you go on and read 10 things we learned from the CWC.

10: TJ Perkins will be the face of the Cruiserweight Division 

An inspiring story of fighting the odds

After AJ getting the big prize, we now have TJ as the face of the Cruiserweight division on Raw. Once homeless in real life, Perkins worked hard to rise to the absolute summit. 

He’s the ultimate babyface, with an inspiring story of proving his detractors wrong, and even winning over the Full Sail crowd after defeating and eliminating crowd favourites. We can’t wait to see how he leads the division into the future. 

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