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WWE 205 Live Results: April 2nd, 2019

  • Two brutal matches satisfy our need for high-impact action on the final episode before WrestleMania.
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A hard-hitting match opened up the go-home show of 205 Live
A hard-hitting match opened up the go-home show of 205 Live

In just five days, Tony Nese will get his one-on-one opportunity against his former friend, the Juggernaut Buddy Murphy. Nese looks to capture his first championship in the WWE and in his home town. Murphy's goal has always been to be remembered as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time. In order to do that, he'll need to retain on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Tonight, both champion and challenger addressed their upcoming contest at WrestleMania. However, we also saw two great matchups featuring two 205 Live veterans and two men with something to prove. Kalisto went one-on-one against the newest member of the roster, Oney Lorcan, who made an impact last week when he attacked Cedric Alexander from behind. A win over a former champion would mean big things for the Star Destroyer.

Finally, Mike Kanellis looked to repeat his success from two weeks ago when he faced off against Akira Tozawa. A distraction from Maria allowed him to defeat Tozawa then. Tonight, the former Cruiserweight Champion would be expecting that, and surely had something up his sleeve for the couple. 

Kalisto vs Oney Lorcan

Oney Lorcan tried to break the spine of Kalisto
Oney Lorcan tried to break the spine of Kalisto

Lorcan rushed Kalisto at the beginning as he was placing Penelope in the corner. A running elbow stunned the luchador, and a suplex forced him into a pinfall. Kalisto kicked out and escaped a half-and-half suplex.

Kalisto escaped a second attempt and sent Lorcan across the ring with a rope walking arm drag, followed by a baseball slide, sending Lorcan to the ramp. Back inside, Lorcan was taken down by a springboard crossbody but kicked out.

Kalisto took the fight to Lorcan, rushing him with several elbow strikes. However, as he ran at the newest cruiserweight again, he was launched over the ropes, landing jaw first on the apron. Lorcan launched Kalisto into the barricade, then yelled at the commentary desk if "Cedric Alexander saw that?"


Kalisto was tossed inside the ring, and as Lorcan slid under the ropes, was sent back out with a kick to the head. Kalisto looked for a dive to the outside, but Lorcan swiped his legs out from under him, dropping him spine first on the apron.

Now back in control, he locked Kalisto down in the middle of the ring with a waist lock. Kalisto escaped and stunned Lorcan with a second rope dropkick. However, Lorcan was able to shove off another attack from Lucha House Party leader and delivered a nasty clothesline to the back of the head.

Lorcan kept the pressure on Kalisto, beating him down and locking him in a chin lock with body scissors. The former United States Champion worked his way back to a vertical position, but Lorcan slammed him back down to the mat, transitioning to a side headlock. Kalisto escaped again, getting back to his feet and breaking out with a jawbreaker.

A springboard rolling elbow knocked Lorcan to the ground, and as he stood back up was stunned by a superkick. Lorcan managed to lock Kalisto in for the Half-and-Half, but Kalisto managed to break out for the third time. Lorcan was left hanging in the middle ropes, allowing Kalisto to drive him head first into the mat with the basement hurricanrana.

Kalisto attempted the Salida del Sol, but Lorcan shoved him off. A rebounding Kalisto was hammered by an uppercut that sent him into the bottom ropes. On the apron, Lorcan again went for the Half-and-Half. Kalisto fought out and connected with the Salida del Sol on the apron. Sadly for him, Lorcan fell to the outside of the ring. 

Kalisto put him back inside for the pin but Lorcan kicked out in the nick of time. Going up for a top rope maneuver, Kalisto was blocked by Lorcan. Hammering the back of Kalisto, the Star Destroyer looked for a Half-and-Half on the top rope. Kalisto knocked him to the mat and took a shot at the 450 splash. Lorcan put up his knees and finally dropped Kalisto on his head with the Half-and-Half Suplex.

Results: Oney Lorcan defeated Kalisto via pinfall. 

Backstage, Cedric Alexander asked General Manager Drake Maverick why he didn't get a match against Oney Lorcan. Maverick said he's been in several back-to-back hard-hitting matchups. He also pointed out that he'd lost the last two matches, which is unlike the franchise player of 205 Live. He promised Alexander that the match will take place, but he needs to recuperate before that happens.

Tony Nese was asked backstage how he was handling the pressure on his Cruiserweight Championship match at WrestleMania 35. Nese said that there's no pressure on him because no one expects him to win. He called Murphy a coward, saying that last week he hid out at the Performance Center after laying Nese out the week before. Before he could finish his statement, Buddy Murphy attacked him from behind, leading the two to fight off-screen.

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