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WWE 205 Live Results: April 2nd, 2019

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Tozawa and Kendrick had revenge on their mind tonight
Tozawa and Kendrick had revenge on their mind tonight

The fighting continued to the ramp, where security and referees attempted to break up Murphy and Nese. Nese avoided a boot from the champion which leveled a security guard. The Premier Athlete then threw Murphy head first into the LED screen, following up with a Running Nese, leaving the Juggernaut broken on the ramp while the challenger pointed up at the WrestleMania sign. 

Mike Kanellis w/ Maria vs Akira Tozawa w/ The Brian Kendrick

The Power of Love still haunts Akira Tozawa
The Power of Love still haunts Akira Tozawa

Tozawa, after being tricked in their last outing, did, in fact, have an answer for Mike and Maria Kanellis; The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick accompanied Tozawa to the ring and cheered him on while trying to keep things fair.

Tozawa and Kanellis locked up, with Tozawa holding the advantage. Kanellis broke away and knocked him down with a shoulder tackle, but Tozawa quickly responded with an octopus stretch. Kanellis quickly scrambled to the ropes where the hold was broken.

Tozawa kept on the offensive, chasing Kanellis into the turnbuckle where he beat him down with boots and elbows. Kanellis stunned Tozawa with an elbow of his own, but a dropkick sent him outside. Tozawa set up for a suicide dive, only for Kanellis to rush back inside. A superkick was prevented by the former Cruiserweight Champion, but Kanellis spun around, leveling him with a discus lariat.

Kanellis set Tozawa up on the apron with his head hanging outside, landing a straight right shot to the jaw before rolling him back inside for a pinfall. Tozawa kicked out at two.


Kanellis locked in a side headlock and torqued the neck, but Tozawa quickly managed to escape through the ropes. Kanellis brought him down with a trio of suplexes. Tozawa kicked out.

Frustrated, Kanellis continued to amp up the aggression, bringing down his fury upon Tozawa. Tozawa looked for a counter when Kanellis came off the ropes, but Kanellis turned a hurricanrana into a sit down powerbomb, spiking him on his neck.

Kanellis set Tozawa up for another submission, but Tozawa escaped. Setting him up for a Michinoku driver, Kanellis escaped and sent him into the turnbuckle. Tozawa fought back, sending him face first into the second turnbuckle with a hurricanrana and followed up with a running knee to the back of the head. A missile dropkick from the top rope nearly gave him the win, but Kanellis kicked out.

Tozawa dropped Kanellis with a fireman's carry facebuster and leveled him with a running single leg dropkick. Again, Kanellis kicked out. Kanellis nearly drove Tozawa through the ring with a high angle spinebuster, catching him as he was running off the ropes. Tozawa barely managed to kick out.

Kendrick attempted to rally Tozawa, who was gasping for air at this point. He managed to escape a Michinoku Driver attempt and locked in another octopus stretch. In the center of the ring, Kanellis was down to one knee. As he went towards the ropes, he fell onto his side. Kanellis did manage to power back up to his feet and ran to the ropes, forcing both men to crash and burn on the apron and floor.

Tozawa launched Kanellis into the barricade. Kanellis countered a running attack with a big boot and connected with a brutal hangman's neckbreaker. As he rolled Tozawa back inside, Kanellis leveled Kendrick with a right hand to the jaw.

Kanellis sat atop the turnbuckle, admiring his work. This allowed Tozawa to stun him with a rolling uppercut. A superplex was blocked, and he looked for a Michinoku Driver from the top rope. Tozawa countered mid-fall into a super hurricanrana. Kanellis, again, managed to escape defeat, kicking out right before the three count.

Back to their feet, both men traded chops to the chest. Eventually, Tozawa struck Kanellis with his patented right jab. Both men traded kicks, with a superkick from Kanellis and a spinning roundhouse from Tozawa leaving them both on the ground. Kanellis worked his way up in the corner while Tozawa measured him.

Kanellis caught him with a boot but was immediately spiked on his head with a German suplex. Tozawa's top rope Senton was stopped. He opted for a sunset flip instead, but Kanellis was saved by Maria, holding Kanellis near the ropes to cheat Tozawa again.

Kendrick alerted the referee, allowing Tozawa to finally roll Kanellis up for the victory.

Results: Akira Tozawa defeated Mike Kanellis via pinfall.

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