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WWE 205 Live Results: April 3, 2018

Greg Bush
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205 Live continues to bring
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The final episode of 205 Live before WrestleMania began with a tag team match between Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado and Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa.

Tozawa and Itami came out first with the commentary team discussing the poor sportsmanship that has taken place between Gran Metalik and Itami.

Metalik and Dorado made their way to the ring next as Tozawa and Itami stared them down. As they got into the ring, Itami began to trash talk the luchadors.

Itami and Metalik began the match, outwrestling his opponent, followed by some disrespectful slaps to the back of his head. He followed up with a kick to the gut followed by quick strikes to a kneeling Metalik. As Itami threw Metalik into the corner, the King of the Ropes caught Itami with a superkick and began to fly around the ring like only he could.

Metalik tagged in Dorado, and the Lucha House Party hit Itami with some tandem attacks. Dorado tagged Metalik back in, but Itami escaped, allowing Tozawa to enter the ring. Tozawa caught Metalik with a handful of knee strikes, but as he went for a senton, Metalik rolled him up for a 1-count.

As Metalik went for a springboard elbow, Tozawa dropkicked him in mid-air. Tozawa then tagged in his partner, and the duo hit Metalik in the corner with dual kicks to his head.

Itami dragged Metalik to the corner, tagging in the former Cruiserweight Champion. Tozawa's quick strikes kept Metalik from getting to his feet, as Tozawa tagged Itami back in.

Itami taunted Lince Dorado with the "Lucha" chant, but when he turned back around, Metalik caught him with some chops and punches. Itami and Metalik would trade shots with each other with stiff kicks, but Metalik hit Itami with a dropkick, allowing him to tag in Lince Dorado.


Dorado was quick to punish Tozawa and Itami, first knocking Tozawa off the apron, then outstriking Itami. Dorado caught Itami with a springboard moonsault to a standing Itami, followed by some mounted punches.

Itami had a hard time keeping up with Dorado, who was able to counter his strikes at every corner. Dorado hit Itami with a Golden Rewind, but Itami rolled out the ring.

Dorado ran under a clothesline attempt by Tozawa to hit Itami with an assault over the ropes. Tozawa followed with a bullet like suicide dive, finally followed by Metalik with another dive over the ropes.

Lucha House Party brought Itami in, and Metalik went for the Metalik Driver. However, Itami went to pull off his mask, forcing Dorado to come in and break it up. After Dorado and Metalik assaulted Itami and Tozawa, the ref called for the bell.

Result: Double DQ

Itami took out Lince Dorado's knee, allowing him and Tozawa to take out both members of Lucha House Party.

It was revealed earlier in the day that Drew Gulak vs Mark Andrews was moved to the post-WrestleMania episode of 205 Live when Drake Maverick announced it on Twitter. Gulak responded to the announcement, claiming that he wants there to be no excuses when he defeats Andrews next week.

A video played afterwards of Mark Andrews telling Gulak that he'll make him wish he never underestimated the underdog.

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