WWE 205 Live Results (April 3rd, 2020): Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for the latest 205 Live episode

A gentleman no more
A gentleman no more
Greg Bush
Modified 04 Apr 2020
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Sadly, unlike the past few years, 205 Live doesn't have a presence at this year's WrestlteMania. Though two Mania seasons in a row saw Cruiserweight Tournaments that would give us two incredible Cruiserweight Championship matches, the state of affairs in the world prevented the NXT Cruiserweight Championship from making it to the US, as it's currently held by Jordan Devlin in NXT UK.

Tonight, though, the cruiserweights went through it all as it was business as usual. By that, we mean two great matches between four of the top competitors on 205 Live. The main event saw Tyler Breeze battle Jack Gallagher, with Prince Pretty hoping to get his win back over the former Gentleman. We kicked off the show with two of the best technicians on the Purple Brand, Kushida and Danny Burch.

Kushida vs Danny Burch

Kushida and Danny Burch, two teammates on Team NXT last month, kicked off 205 Live tonight. Burch and Kushida were even when it came to the ground game, with Kushida managing to block the holds of the Guvnor.

The Time Splitter began working on the arm of Burch, with Burch attempting to roll-up Kushida several times. Burch blocked a leaping guillotine lock, taking Kushida to the mat for a Boston Crab. Kushida made it to the ropes quickly.

It was a technical stalemate, and it was expected that Kushida would pick up the speed while Burch would bring in that good old fashioned British Strong Style. A leg pick dropped Kushida on his face, though he responded by sending Burch to the floor with the handspring leg kick.

The brawling side of Burch came out as he got back inside, catching a diving Kushida with a strong right hand that nearly lost him the match.

Burch began pelting Kushida with punches, uppercuts, and knee drops. Kushida managed to get back in the bout with a handspring back elbow, following Burch to the floor.

Back on the inside, Burch managed to catch Kushida in the crossface. Kushida escaped and connected with a basement dropkick. The Hoverboard Lock trapped Gulak in the middle of the ring, forcing the submission.

Results: Kushida defeated Danny Burch via submission.

Grade: A

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Published 04 Apr 2020
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