205 Live Results: August Grey finds an ally; Bolly-Rise hits another snag

Greg Bush
Modified 27 Feb 2021
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August Grey brought in some back-up for his match with Tony Nese on 205 Live
August Grey brought in some back-up for his match with Tony Nese on 205 Live

August Grey w/Jake Atlas vs Tony Nese w/Ariya Daivari on 205 Live

August Grey had just begun playing the numbers game on 205 Live, a game that Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese mastered. To counteract that, Grey brought in Jake Atlas.

As expected, the 205 Live OG overpowered August Grey early. The former Cruiserweight Champion would lose control for a moment after a great right hand landed right on Tony Nese's jaw. Ariya Daivari distracted Grey though, allowing Nese to hang him up on the top rope.

The triangle moonsault connected for a two-count, and the Premier Athlete of 205 Live slowed things down a bit. Grey managed to hit his rope-walking crossbody, but couldn't get the victory. Nese responded with a pumphandle slam and a body scissors, wearing down the body of Grey.

The 27-year-old was waylayed with Nese's classic kicking combination but responded with a series of forearms and a jawbreaker/neckbreaker combination. A release inverted exploder dumped Nese on his head. Grey moved to the top, but Daivari drew his attention by launching Jake Atlas into the steps.

As Grey went for the Unprettier, Daivari again distracted Grey, giving Nese time to escape. Atlas got some revenge on Daivari, but was taken out with a Fosbury Flop by Nese. Grey responded with a suicide dive, and was able to hit the "So Much Prettier" for the win.

Results: August Grey defeated Tnoy Nese via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A-

Published 27 Feb 2021
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