205 Live Results: Mansoor faces member of Legado del Fantasma; Injured star returning soon

It's a Bolly-Bolly Christmas, and 205 Live ends the year with a fantastic main event
It's a Bolly-Bolly Christmas, and 205 Live ends the year with a fantastic main event

The final episode of 205 Live before 2021 featured two singles matches. Our main event saw Santos Escobar's cohort Raul Mendoza take on Mansoor. Many of 205 Live's newest stars seem set to dethrone the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Mansoor being one of them.

If Mendoza could hand Mansoor his first loss on 205 Live, he may be sent to the back of the line. However, Mansoor is undefeated for a reason and would prove to be the biggest challenge Mendoza had faced yet.

We started the night off with another match in possibly the longest going rivalry in 205 Live today. Samir Singh representing the Bollywood Boyz faced off against Chase Parker of Ever-Rise in singles action.

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Samir Singh w/Sunil Singh vs Chase Parker w/Matt Martel on 205 Live

Chase Parker started strong, battering Samir Singh. Sunil attempted to take him out a few times, allowing Samir to drop him with a hangman's neckbreaker on the ropes.

On the floor, Samir took Parker over with a suplex. Back in the ring, a diving elbow took Parker down for a two-count. A backbreaker dropped Parker, but he managed to counter another diving elbow by putting his foot up.

Parker lit up Singh for a short while but was trapped in a sleeper hold. Parker drove Singh's spine into the corner and bounced him off the opposite end. A slingshot sent him face-first into the top turnbuckle. A kneeling jawbreaker and leaping enziguri stunned Samir.

The slingshot elbow drop may have gotten the win, but Samir Singh pulled him to the floor. With the ref distracted, Samir tried to pull some "Bollywood Twin Magic." The only issue is...they aren't twins. The ref noticed right away, and Parker was able to drop Samir with the flapjack on the turnbuckle for the win.

Results: Chase Parker defeated Samir Singh via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

Mansoor and Raul Mendoza ended 205 Live's 2020 with a spectacular match
Mansoor and Raul Mendoza ended 205 Live's 2020 with a spectacular match

Curt Stallion was ready to get his shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. 205 Live's fastest rising star won the No. 1 Contendership months back, but was injured when Legado Del Fantasma blindsided him in the NXT Parking Lot, the most dangerous parking lot in the US. However, Stallion will be back soon and vowed to be the one to dethrone Santos Escobar.

Mansoor vs Raul Mendoza on 205 Live

The undefeated 205 Live star one-upped Raul Mendoza at every step in the early period of this match. A springboard arm drag and wheelbarrow arm drag dazed Mendoza. A tiger feint into an arm drag took Mendoza to the floor. However, Mendoza caught him going in for a baseball slide, driving his spine into the barricade.

Mendoza took over in this 205 Live main event, planting Mansoor on the apron with a backdrop. Mansoor's shoulder was targeted, with Mendoza hoping to create a weakness to exploit. A stiff kick rocked Mansoor right in the jaw.

Mansoor was hit with several more stiff dropkicks right on the button, but they weren't enough to keep him down. Mendoza missed a wild running shoulder thrust, launching himself with bullet-like speed into the ring post. Mansoor took over here, hitting Mendoza with an elbow/clothesline combination.

Mendoza was pelted with a series of clotheslines and planted with a leaping bulldog. A suicide dive caught Mendoza, barely, and it was almost enough to pin him. Mendoza countered Mansoor's finish and rocked him with a running knee and springboard moonsault. Mansoor kicked out.

Mansoor escaped a big maneuver from Mendoza, turning it into a tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT. A cloverleaf was locked in, and Mendoza took quite a lot of damage from the hold. He just barely managed to get to the ropes.

Mendoza looked to make a statement over the undefeated 205 Live star, planting him with a lifting fisherman's neckbreaker. He missed a phoenix splash and was dropped with a slingshot neckbreaker, giving Mansoor yet another spectacular win.

Results: Mansoor defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

When it comes to 205 Live, Mansoor simply cannot be beaten.

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