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WWE 205 Live Results: February 13th, 2018

Gary Cassidy
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205 Live continues to impress in its redemption

Tonight's 205 Live started off with a recap of last week's results which saw Kalisto and Roderick Strong progress to round two of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament after winning their round one matches against Lince Dorado and Hideo Itami respectively as well as a recap of the two scheduled matches for the night Akira Tozawa versus Mark Andrews and Drew Gulak versus Tony Nese.

Akira Tozawa vs Mark Andrews


In a backstage interview, Mark Andrews spoke about his excitement at coming from the UK to compete on 205 Live, cutting a promo about high-fiving and stage-diving his way to WrestleMania to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Tozawa and Andrews started off in a very technical manner with the Welshman and the former Cruiserweight Champion exchanging holds, eventually seeing Andrews put Tozawa in an innovative octopus stretch before the pace went up a whole other notch. Andrews continued with his dominant start, with a dropkick on a seated Tozawa before the pair exchanged some chops, and Tozawa floored Andrews with a jab after feinting in a move that saw Andrews try to block then lower his guard.

Tozawa took over and slowed the pace right down yet again with some rest moves. The pair then exchanged jabs, forearms, chops and everything possible in a very physical exchange before Andrews innovatively used the ropes to do a 619-esque kick to Tozawa's midriff.

Andrews showed more of what we expect from the Welshman with a beautiful springboard crossbody, but it wasn't enough.

Tozawa then hit Andrews with a shining wizard but, rather than go for the pin, went to the top rope. Andrews escaped, but Tozawa was quick to react with a tope suicida, then dragging the UK Tournament competitor back in the ring.

Andrews hit an incredible northern lights suplex before hitting what was essentially a standing corkscrew moonsault on Tozawa, but only managing a two count.

The pair looked out on their feet, and Andrews hit the Slumdog Millionaire, but Tozawa somehow managed to kick out at two. The pair exchanged some high flying aggression with Andrews going for a shooting star press, Tozawa rolled out the way, Andrews landed on his feet and Tozawa hit him with a running kick...

But Andrews got the roll-up victory and progresses to round two of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament!

Mark Andrews defeated Akira Tozawa

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