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WWE 205 Live Results: February 7, 2018

Gary Cassidy
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Tonight's WWE 205 Live kicked off with the announce team quickly giving praise to the job new GM Drake Maverick did last week before immediately going into another Round One match in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament with Kalisto going one-on-one with Lince Dorado.

During Kalisto's entrance, we saw a "selfie" type promos, the first from Kalisto saying Lince Dorado is his boy and may the best man win.

Kalisto vs Lince Dorado

Well, the match started with a sporting handshake and embrace, but neither men wanted to let go and both turned to face the WrestleMania sign for a nod before the action got underway.

The action got underway with some holds and rest moves before Kalisto perched himself in a standing position on the Puerto Rican's shoulders, with both men bringing some fast paced moves out very quickly - including a tope suicida from Kalisto.

We saw Drake Maverick watching backstage on a screen too as the action continued in the ring, but not for long. After Kalisto ended up outside, Lince flipped onto him over the top rope to gain momentum.

Dorado dragged Kalisto back into the ring and tried to pin him multiple times before locking in a chinlock and flipping the former Cruiserweight Champion back to the outside - getting very aggressive with the former Cruiserweight Champion.


Both men ended up on the top - in a move that resulted in a Super-rana from the top on Kalisto, but flooring both men. The momentum seemed to shift from man-to-man in a very quick-paced match with both men going to the top again, Kalisto caught Dorado with a kick and delivered an incredibly innovative move to take Dorado down again, but only managed a two count.

Kalisto got to his feet first and went for a Salida Del Sol, but Lince Dorado countered and managed a handspring stunner. After going to the top and hitting a Shooting Star Press that looked to end the match, Kalisto showed great ring awareness to roll to the outside.

Kalisto managed to hit a Salida Del Sol on Lince Dorado to seal the match, but Dorado got a hand on the rope immediately before the referee could hit the three.

After a Lince Dorado backslides, Kalisto countered with an incredible reverse hurricanerana off the ropes which sprung Dorado off the mat and to his feet, and immediately into another Salida Del Sol.

Kalisto seals his place in Round Two after an absolutely incredible match to kick off 205 Live.

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