WWE 205 Live Results: Ikemen Jiro in action, Losing Streak broken

Ikemen Jiro competed in the main event of 205 Live
Ikemen Jiro competed in the main event of 205 Live
K Sai Krishna

This week's edition of WWE 205 Live featured the return of fan-favorite Ikemen Jiro to the purple brand. Jiro battled Ru Feng, who has had impressive matches against the likes of former NXT Cruiserweight champion Roderick Strong, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa.

Two young and impressive stars, Malik Blade and Draco Anthony went up against one another. Neither of them had a win in WWE before they entered the match.

Nikkita Lyons made her WWE debut last week in a losing effort against Amari Miller. She had the chance this week to turn things around against Erica Yan, who was searching for her first win on the purple brand.

Malik Blade vs Draco Anthony on 205 Live

Both superstars traded wrist locks and headlocks early on in the contest before Anthony put Blade down with a shoulder tackle. Anthony used a Side Headlock Takeover to keep him down.

Blade fought back and the action picked up pace as he delivered a Precision Dropkick. He lost momentum after running into a slam. Anthony dropped multiple Axe Handles on Blade's back followed by a Belly to Belly Suplex. He locked in a Full Boston Crab in the center of the ring and continued to apply pressure.

Blade was able to create some separation after getting out of the hold. He threw multiple punches and a Jumping Knee Lariat. He followed it up with a Suplex and Springboard Drop Kick to secure his first win in WWE.

Result: Malik Blade defeated Draco Anthony via pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: B

Nikkita Lyons vs Erica Yan on 205 Live

Yan focused on targeting Lyons' left arm before the latter quickly turned the tables. Lyons transitioned from a Wheel Barrow throw into a Single Leg Boston Crab beautifully.

Yan willed her way out of it and started a flurry of offense before getting kicked in the midsection by Lyons. The former countered a Suplex attempt and turned it into an Inside Cradle for a near-fall.

Innovative offense as @nikkita_wwe takes control over @EricaYan_WWE on #205Live!

Both superstars countered each other's pinfall attempts before Yan delivered a Neckbreaker. Yan attempted a Backslide pin but Lyons blocked it and delivered a thunderous DDT to secure the win.

Result: Nikkita Lyons defeated Erica Yan via pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: C+

Ikemen Jiro vs Ru Feng on 205 Live

Both superstars dodged each other early on before locking up. Jiro gained the upper hand locking in an Armbar on Feng's left arm. He transitioned it into a headlock. Jiro then delivered an Arm drag and reapplied the Armbar.

After some back and forth action, Feng dropped Jiro from the top rope and followed it up with a Bodyslam. The latter managed to channel the energy from the live crowd to get out of it.

JACKET PUNCH!@IkemenJiro_wwe looks to turn things around against #RuFeng on #205Live

Jiro lands a couple of Spinning Heel Kicks followed by five Jacket punches in a row and a Dropkick to Feng's knee. Jiro landed a Moonsault followed by the Ikemen Slash for the win.

Result: Ikemen Jiro defeated Ru Feng via pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: B+

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