WWE 205 Live Results: Kushida returns

Kushida returned to 205 Live this week
Kushida returned to 205 Live this week
K Sai Krishna

This week's edition of WWE 205 Live featured the return of former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida to the purple brand as he faced Damon Kemp at the main event.

We saw some tag team action from the women's division, with Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter battling Fallon Henley & Lash Legend. Bodhi Hayward battled Brooks Jensen in the show's opening contest.

Bodhi Hayward vs Brooks Jensen on 205 Live

Bodhi received a lot of support from the live crowd as he fought off Jensen's early onslaught. They traded headlocks before Bodhi put Jensen down with an arm drag. He then delivered a couple of knee strikes followed by a running senton.

Jensen fought back with kicks and picked on Bodhi's left arm. He delivered a knee to his midsection and was locked in a submission maneuver. Bodhi channeled the energy from the live crowd and turned the tables with combination strikes. He then delivered a bodyslam followed by a 3-point stance but ran into a knee from Jensen which helped the latter pick up the win.

Result: Brooks Jensen defeated Bodhi Hayward via Pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: C+

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Fallon Henley & Lash Legend on 205 Live

Kayden and Henley kicked off the match, with the former gaining the upper hand with multiple arm drags. Kacy and Kayden showcased their incredible teamwork to take Henley out before Lash entered the match.

Lash quickly made her mark as she slammed Kacy into the mat. She took both her opponents out with a Double Clothesline. Lash delivered multiple chops on Kayden and tagged in Henley who kept the attack going.

Lash and Henley made frequent tags to wear down Kayden. Lash put her in a bear hug and Henley delivered a back elbow followed by a facebuster. Kayden fought Henley off and made the tag.

A fired-up Kacy took out both her opponents with a fury of strikes but a top rope move backfired on her as Henley capitalized on it with an Enziguri. Lash entered the fray once more and hit a pump kick but Kayden made the save. Kacy and Kayden turned the tables and hit a combination neck breaker with a 450 splash to pick up the win.

Result: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter defeated Fallon Henley & Lash Legend via Pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: A

Kushida vs Damon Kemp on 205 Live

Kemp started strong with a takedown but Kushida was quick to make a comeback, targeting Kemp's left arm. Kemp caught Kushida and landed a slam followed by an elbow drop. Kemp hit a belly-to-belly suplex but couldn't capitalize because of the weakened arm.

Kushida launched multiple kicks into Kemp's arm. He hit an enziguri and got him off of his base with a springboard back elbow. Kemp went for a pin following a quick reversal and tried to take control but Kushida locked in the Hoverboard Lock, forcing him to tap out.

Following the match, Kushida showed respect to his opponent by raising his arm.

Result: Kushida defeated Damon Kemp via Submission on 205 Live

Grade: B+

Edited by Ryan K Boman


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