WWE 205 Live Results: Joe Gacy and Josh Briggs make their return

Joe Gacy and Draco Anthony battled in the main event of 205 Live
Joe Gacy and Draco Anthony battled in the main event of 205 Live
K Sai Krishna

This week's edition of WWE 205 Live featured the return of the towering Josh Briggs as he battled up-and-comer Damon Kemp, who was in search of his first win in WWE.

We saw some tag team action in the women's division, as Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz teamed up to battle the team of Lash Legend & Amari Miller.

Joe Gacy battled Draco Anthony in the main event.

Josh Briggs w/Brooks Jensen vs. Damon Kemp on 205 Live

The first match of 205 Live kicked off as Kemp tried to get Briggs off his base with a single-leg takedown, but the latter wouldn't budge.

Briggs landed a big boot followed by multiple elbow drops to put his opponent down. He landed a running elbow strike followed by a sidewalk slam and put Kemp in a headlock.

Kemp fought him off and landed a flurry of uppercuts followed by a running attack. He drove Briggs into the mat from a fireman's carry position for a two count.

Moments later, Briggs hit the lariat to pick up the win.

Result: Josh Briggs w/Brooks Jensen defeated Damon Kemp via Pinfall

Grade: C+

Amari Miller & Lash Legend vs. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz on 205 Live

Lash, and Feroz kicked off the match as the latter used her agility to attack the former with punches. Feroz tagged Leon in, who was slammed onto the mat by Lash.

Miller was tagged in and got dropped with multiple arm drags from Leon. The team of Feroz & Leon worked in cohesion to put Miller down, but a blind tag from Lash helped her team regain control.

Miller and Lash showcased their teamwork now as they hit a combination fallaway slam and elbow drop.

Feroz escaped Miller and tagged Leon in, who started hot with a dropkick and a knee strike, but Miller was able to tag in her partner, who delivered a bicycle kick to Leon as Miller made a blind tag.

Leon capitalized on the moment and picked up the win with a Small Package.

Result: Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz defeated Lash Legend & Amari Miller via Pinfall

Grade: B+

Draco Anthony vs. Joe Gacy w/Harland on 205 Live

Anthony got a good amount of offense early on and put Gacy down with a couple of takedowns before a distraction from Harland allowed Gacy to make a comeback with a back body drop.

Gacy put Anthony down with a neck lock.

Anthony channeled the energy from the live crowd to fight back and land an arm drag. He hit multiple clotheslines followed by a suplex for a near fall.

Both men traded blows at each other in the center of the ring when Gacy hit a headbutt and finished off the match with a clothesline to close out 205 Live.

Result: Joe Gacy w/Harland defeated Draco Anthony via Pinfall

Grade: B

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Edited by Debottam Saha


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